Antique, Chippy, Window Frame…..Becomes Burlap covered Pin Board

Shared a photo of this chippy window frame a few weeks ago. I found it at that awesome Paris Street Market.


Wasnt sure quite what I was going to do with her. I have been wanting to create a burlap covered board and already had my hubby working on making the frames for these boards that I am giving as gifts. (Instructions for creating those are on that post.)


Had enough foam insulation board left to cut to size for the window frame, covered it in the same process as the other boards, used nails from behind to brace/secure the foam piece in there…….it was a good snug fit to begin with also, so that helped. Then I added some twine that I wrapped around bronze colored tacks and actually hot glued those into place so that they would not wiggle around, as I pulled the twine as taught as possible, so that I can clip and hang pictures and what not from it. Now, where to put her? I decided to hang it up above my chippy table at our front door entry. So sweet….



The Big ‘Frame Up’ for Our Flat Screen

For years we have wanted to frame out the flat screen in our main family/tv room. We had a friend, and licensed contractor, frame out our 55 inch flat screen in our basement. We have always loved this finished look.

Lately, my most amazing and handy hubby has been busting a move with all of his tools. I’ve put him to work on a few simple things and he decided it was time to tackle not only our master bedroom flat screen, but also the big one in our family room.

Because the center of our ‘built in’ (where we had the tv sitting) is hollow….. No studs behind the wall, my husband built a wood frame with 2 x4’s so that we could mount the tv in the center of that area.

We knew that we needed very large trim to create the frame, as we wanted to cover the entire hole. So we ended up purchasing 5 13/16 inch, pre primed trim that is actually ‘macked out’ baseboard trim. My husband miter cut the corners beautifully to create the frame and hung it up like you would a picture.

End result………..FAB U LOUSSSSS!!!!!!

This is how it use to look……

Here is the tv mounted to the wood framing……


Here is the amazing frame in place. All I need to do is paint it. LOVE IT! Below is the one in the master.



Barn Door Bliss

Today, my husband and I mounted these lovely, chippy barn doors up on the ledges above our built-ins. While they are leaning on the ledges, my husband drilled them to the wall just to be sure. I’m thinking I may need a little something inside the center decorative panel. Hmmmmm????




Barn Doors With Wrought Iron Accent

A few weeks back I went to the very fabulous Paris Street Market with a girlfriend. I found these incredibly ‘chippy’ old barn doors there. Best part was, it was a set of 2, which is exactly what I needed. Also, I loved that the old rusted hardware was still intact.

I had a vision for these doors, to go up above our built-ins that surround our tv. This wall is almost 20 feet tall and its been bare since we moved in……over 4 yrs ago.

While they were perfectly ‘chic’ all on their own, I decided that they needed a little extra element of something, another material or dimension. So, while perusing Hobby Lobby yesterday, I came across these neat looking wrought iron wall decor items. And guess what??? They were all marked 50% off. SCORE! I didn’t want it to cover the entire barn door, rather just accent it. So, handy hubby mounted them on top of the doors for me.

Then, I coated them good with a spray Polycrylic so that I could preserve the natural ‘chippy ness’ and patina of these cool doors.

So here is the before……..


And here they are ready to be mounted up on our walls…….(that post to come later).




Festive Fall Front Door Wreath

Easy, DIY, festive wreath. Glued some beaded garland onto a pre wrapped grapevine wreath, added some ruffled burlap and raffia here & there, touches of acorns, apples and gords………front door decor, done. The sweet little ‘sho thankful’ sign was attached to a small fall gift that my precious mother gave me years ago. Adds such a sweet touch on this wreath.


Festive table scape


Framed out burlap covered pin board

So, remember I said that I bought a bunch of burlap at Hobby Lobby…..well I decided to finally make some message/pin boards. I have seen bazillions of burlap covered boards in various shapes, sizes, designs…etc, on Pinterest. With my sweet hubby willing to help and cut the wood, here is what we did.

Materials were:
Burlap of course
Cheap 1×3 wood trim pieces (or whatever you prefer)
Thin canvas drop cloth (or muslin)
1 thin sheet of backer board, similar to bead board but smooth
1 piece of foam board/ insulation (ours was 2ft x 4ft)
-it runs about $2.65 at Home Depot and my husband cut it
in half so that I could create 2, 2 x 2 boards.
Primer, paint, hot glue gun/or staple gun, sand paper…

Mister handy cut the wood to create a simple 2 x 2 frame, then he scored and cut the foam insulation board. Because the insulation in silver on one side and printed on the other, I needed to first cover it with something thin to go under the burlap, since it too is a bit see through. So here is what I used.

I cut this to size and glued this onto the board then wrapped it with burlap tight and stapled it down.

My husband finished up the frames and created a back board so that the framing could be attached to it for added stability and that way we can also attach hardware for hanging them.

Here they are all framed out, but unpainted. Center board is not permanently affixed inside, popped it in for the picture.

Primed, sanded smooth and painted with 2 coats of a creamy white, but not quite finished.
I am going to add some twine across the front I think. An extra dimension and it will add a bit of whimsy.


The twine is so divine!!!! Did I mention these are gifts…..