Pallet Couch/Daybed for under a lofted Bed

Our 13 yr old daughter was ready for a ‘teen’ feeling bedroom. Ideally, we wanted a lofted bed to create a good
‘Hang out’ space for she and her friends below it. I was so tickled when we found the IKEA bed that we wanted much cheaper (barely used and partially assembled) on Craigslist. Now, if you are familiar with IKEA, you know that there are like a bazillion pieces to all things requiring assembly. So the ‘partially assembled’ thing was a huge blessing. When we got it home, handy hubby measured the ceiling height and cut down each post a few inches. Them came the couch/ Daybed part. What to do??? I wasn’t really feeling a futon look. I’ve seen pallets used before to create a seating area. My husband thought I was nuts, until I drew out my vision. Using 1 full pallet and about half of another one, I had my husband bolt them together. I wanted little legs on it to lift it up off of the floor, much like a couch would be. So we purchased small block like legs from Home Depot, and bolted them to the bottom, using 8 total. I then sanded and painted it all black to match the loft bed. We bought a single mattress, covered it with a fitted sheet, made some throw pillows ( and purchased a few) and waaa-laaa……comfy, cool and cute hang out area. And because we used a single sized mattress it works wonderfully for overnight guests as well. Wish I had been rockin’ a room like this at 13. So fun!



One thought on “Pallet Couch/Daybed for under a lofted Bed

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