Sitting Chairs – Elegant Chic

I love upholstered furniture pieces. I love fabrics. I love a good staple gun, especially the new electric one that my husband got for me. I have reupholstered several stools, ottomans, dining room/kitchen chair seat cushions in my day, but never have I completely rehabbed a sitting chair… I finally did. I found a set of 2 sitting chairs. They have a solid wood frame and arms, fabric seat, fabric front and back, and great bones to the design/look of the chair…….and that’s why I grabbed em’. I had a vision for these babies. As it turns out, they became way more work than I had anticipated. Because of the way the seat cushion fits around portions of the frame, it was impossible to get the seat out to recover it. My sweet hubby had to basically disassemble multiple bolts in various locations to loosen the structure of the chair so that I could remove the seat. He’s the brains in this operation. Also, it took forever to rip away the old piping and yank out the bazillion staples used to tack it down. I was ‘over’ the needle nose pliers after that ridiculousness. So here is how they looked when I got them.

They aren’t horrible, but they lack a little something special. Because the foam portion of the seat was worn down under the fabric, I had to restuff with batting and fill in so that the seat portion looked and felt uniform again when you sit on it. Finally, I was able to upholster the seats. I took the chairs outside, covered the front and back fabric areas with paper and sprayed the chairs black. Then I distressed them a bit, antiqued them with a bit of dark stain and gave them a spray coat of poly. Back to the fabric – I cut and strategically hot glued the fabric onto the front and back part of the chair…….sore, burnt fingers. After that, I used a pretty, black, braided trim to glue all around the edges of the fabric for a professional/ finished looked. I had no desire to sew piping at this point. And the result………



1 completed and 1 left to finish.


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