The Tall Wall to Nowhere

As I mentioned in a previous post, a girlfriend took me to the Oh, So, Fabulous Paris Street Market. For a few years I have been looking (on and off) for something fun & junky yet chic, to mount up onto the spaces on our ‘Wall to Nowhere’. (Backing up a bit……we had a decorative panel made for the center section of this wall 3 yrs ago when we had this awesome carpenter/craftsman put up a bunch of crown molding. We need something to break up the vast space). Yesterday, these jewels caught my eye and the price was beyond fabulous. Its a set of old barn type doors, fully equipped with the original rusted hinges and locks. One looks to be slightly taller than the other,they are probably over 6ft tall, so I will ask handy hubby to cut it down a little. I LOVE the authentic, chippy, shabby chic paint that remains. So I will coat them with some Polycrylic to preserve that. I may try to find a fun piece of wrought iron something, to mount on top of the old doors?????? Hmmmmmm?????? Results to come, you’ll have to tell me what you think.




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