Burlap and Lace Table Runner

So, I love burlap and I love sweet lacey type things. This table runner is the perfect combination of both……and super duper easy. I purchased a bunch of the natural burlap from Hobby Lobby today (LOVE that place, and that 40% off coupon) and some pretty lace ribbon.
FYI – there is a big difference in the ‘smell’ of some burlaps. For whatever reason, some of the burlap at JoAnn’s has a very strong odor, sort of like kerosene????? I’m not sure why, but the burlap at Hobby Lobby has no odor….if any. In fact, it smells earthy, like natural fabric should. Did you know that burlap (not the synthetic kind) is Eco-friendly? Sweet!

Anyway, I have been wanting to create a runner for my dining room table and that is what I did today. Measure your table length and decide how much overhang you want on each end (i decided on 9 inches) add that to the length, plus about an extra inch. I like a wider runner, so I made mine 15 inches wide. Again, cutting a good inch or so wider to allow for the seams.

I cut the burlap outside on my deck since its a bit messy. I measured and found the thread that would create my straight line cut for the length. If you pull that thread a bit it will slide all the way out of the weave and allow you to cut the perfect line.

Initially, I was going to sew the seams, but got lazy after ironing the seams in place and didn’t feel like getting out my sewing machine. So here are the seems all ironed….


I used stitch witchery to seal all of the seems, and it worked famously.


I let it cool a bit and checked all the seams to make sure that they were very secure and then I got my glue gun ready. That is how I attached the pretty lace, flowery ribbon.


45 minutes later, and…….waa laa. Rustic chic runner is all in place.



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