The Big ‘Frame Up’ for Our Flat Screen

For years we have wanted to frame out the flat screen in our main family/tv room. We had a friend, and licensed contractor, frame out our 55 inch flat screen in our basement. We have always loved this finished look.

Lately, my most amazing and handy hubby has been busting a move with all of his tools. I’ve put him to work on a few simple things and he decided it was time to tackle not only our master bedroom flat screen, but also the big one in our family room.

Because the center of our ‘built in’ (where we had the tv sitting) is hollow….. No studs behind the wall, my husband built a wood frame with 2 x4’s so that we could mount the tv in the center of that area.

We knew that we needed very large trim to create the frame, as we wanted to cover the entire hole. So we ended up purchasing 5 13/16 inch, pre primed trim that is actually ‘macked out’ baseboard trim. My husband miter cut the corners beautifully to create the frame and hung it up like you would a picture.

End result………..FAB U LOUSSSSS!!!!!!

This is how it use to look……

Here is the tv mounted to the wood framing……


Here is the amazing frame in place. All I need to do is paint it. LOVE IT! Below is the one in the master.




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