Skateboard Shelving

Several years ago, I painted and sort of, recreated a theme in our youngest sons room. He loves ‘board sports’; skateboards, snow boards, scooter/rip-sticks…..etc. I decided that it would be fun to create some shelving out of skateboards. So, we purchased a couple of skateboards for about $9 a piece from Wal-mart and some brackets from Home Depot. My husband attached the brackets and then mounted them on the walls for some books and things. Super cheap, colorful and easy DIY. Sadly, the coloring in the photos is not the best…..sorry!




Hanging wall mural is from PB Teen online, wall decals are from Target, and the old vintage lockers were a craigslist find years ago. They were purchased for use in our laundry room until handy hubby and I built a large mud room wall/cubby/storage unit. So I spray painted he lockers blue and moved them into our sons room. Works perfectly in his room. Slalom ski was an antique store find and the old snow board above the closet was given to our son by my brother. Always adding a little something.




Chalkboard Transformation

I decided to use an old framed picture (that was super dated) and turn it into a chalkboard. I painted the frame with a couple of coats of a creamy white homemade chalk paint. I let that dry well and used a flat edge razor blade to scrape the paint off of the glass……this works famously. During the process…..



In one full day, I painted 3 coats of Rustoleum, black chalkboard paint. This paint claims to stick to any surface, so I rolled it right onto the glass with a small foam roller (and cut in the edges with a little square foam brush). You need to let each coat dry for several hours. I let that completely cure overnight.

Then, I used 2 different shades of glaze and some sand paper to bring out some of the dimensions in the framing. The chalkboard paint has to cure for 3 days until you can use it. It sits on the perfect wall in between our kitchen and dining room. Final product……..



Paint and Stencils (wood sign & coffee station)

I have several pieces of remnant pallet wood that I have been wanting to do something with. I certainly have plenty of paint in my workshop, so that…..along with some stencils, allowed me to create this.


Soooo, not a professional sign by any means, but that’s totally our eclectic style. I painted the wood piece a creamy white homemade chalk paint, dry brushed on a grey/blue homemade chalk paint, used black paint for the stencils (hand painted the numbers……hence the reason they look different from the letters), sanded it randomly all over, and then used wood stain to antique it. Finished it off with clear wax. Sweet hubby added 2 screws to the back and a piece of wire so we could hang it above our kitchen sink. Great way to use that left over wood.

Because I was in the stenciling mood, I decided to paint & stencil an old wooden tray that has been sitting in our storage room. I have been looking for a cute tray of some sort to house our coffee stuff in the kitchen (I am a coffee addict), so I repurposed my old ugly burgundy colored tray. I used homemade chalk paint in a grey/blue color and painted the entire tray, sanded it it really well all over randomly, antiqued it with dark wood stain and finished it with clear wax. The only letters I was able to actually stencil were the capital letters (I don’t have lower case ones), so majority was done free hand. I decided on the ‘cafe au lait’ (cafe o lay) which means coffee w/ milk in French. Enjoyed tons of this while in Paris years ago with my husband. So it seemed appropriate. Quick, easy and cheap fix for a coffee station.




Burlap Wrapped Glass Storage Jars

So I’ve been on a bit of a burlap craze lately. From making multiple table runners for myself, friends and family…….to creating several burlap covered pin boards ( like Bulletin boards), to making bows for my outdoor pumpkins, and adding it to my front door wreath. Sooooooo, I decided to figure out how to make some burlap flowers. These are everywhere lately and I just think they are precious.

I scoured pinterest and found this outstanding video tutorial…….possibly the best one that I found, so definitely check it out.

She makes creating the burlap roses so easy to understand. After I create a couple, surely I need to add them to something. In our master bath I have 2 separate glass jars that I use for his/hers bars of soap, so I wrapped each with a wide burlap ribbon, tied it, hot glued it into place, slipped the wire from the flower into the center of the knot, and then tied the burlap ribbon again. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Too cute, Too easy.


Vintage Chic, Antiqued, China Cabinet

My latest creation was this precious china cabinet. It wasn’t so precious when I got it, but I knew I could revive this piece with some paint and elbow grease. This is the piece before…….

I have been reading a lot about homemade chalk paint. A much cheaper version compared to some expensive name brands. There are many variations of homemade chalk paint out there and I decided on the method of mixing eggshell finish, latex paint with Calcium Carbonate (powder form) purchased from The Natural Grocer. It mixes very smooth and resulted in an easy painting process. Also, because of what I have read, many have claimed that priming the furniture before hand, when using chalk paint, is not necessary. So, I threw caution to the wind (because I always prime everything), sanded it a bit and wiped it down good, mixed up the chalk paint and got busy. It went on beautifully……with no primer. Gotta love that. I painted the outside a creamy white and the inside is a french, grey/blue. So here it is all painted up…….


Then I tastefully distressed it, but not too much. After that I used some wood stain to antique it and before the stain dried I rubbed finishing wax on it to spread/ lighten the depth of the stain. And the results look like so…….very pleased.




Fall Inspired Burlap Table Runner

After creating the easy burlap runner for the dining room table, I wanted to create a darker one for my honey colored kitchen table… well as a couple for some friends, for the fall season. I made this one exceptionally wide too, as I just prefer them that way.

I used stitch witchery on the side seams, then I got out the sewing machine and sewed on the first 2 layers of ribbon for the trim. The base trim is burlap ribbon and the next one is sort of lace, fruu-fruuy (totally a made up word). After that, I hot glued on the final thin polka dot ribbon.

After completion, I took it out on my deck and shook it out really well. Burlap loves to be a hot mess so I had to vacuum really well too. Final result is a nice touch for fall.