Burlap Wrapped Glass Storage Jars

So I’ve been on a bit of a burlap craze lately. From making multiple table runners for myself, friends and family…….to creating several burlap covered pin boards ( like Bulletin boards), to making bows for my outdoor pumpkins, and adding it to my front door wreath. Sooooooo, I decided to figure out how to make some burlap flowers. These are everywhere lately and I just think they are precious.

I scoured pinterest and found this outstanding video tutorial…….possibly the best one that I found, so definitely check it out.

She makes creating the burlap roses so easy to understand. After I create a couple, surely I need to add them to something. In our master bath I have 2 separate glass jars that I use for his/hers bars of soap, so I wrapped each with a wide burlap ribbon, tied it, hot glued it into place, slipped the wire from the flower into the center of the knot, and then tied the burlap ribbon again. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Too cute, Too easy.



3 thoughts on “Burlap Wrapped Glass Storage Jars

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