Paper Craze ~ Decorating with Book Pages

After creating the wreath out of an old book, I decided to decorate a few more items……well, just several candles. One of the books I picked up at ‘Savers’ was a spiritual book. It is filled with wonderful, inspirational and spiritual quotes, stories, and biblical passages written by multiple different authors. While I am going to create a few more paper wreaths, after reading through this book I decided that many of these pages should be framed, used, displayed……to make reading the passages possible. My favorite……..this one, wrapped around the candle that is sitting on my seasonal entry table.

So very fitting for the Thanksgiving holiday.



These candles also sit within my entry way. With these pages however, I stained them with some coffee to give them an antique look. (You can also do this with tea. I just happened to have some leftover coffee in my brewer, so I used the coffee). I soaked them for just a few minutes, placed them on a baking sheet and baked them in the oven for about 10 minutes to dry them out. Wrapped them around the candles and added a little twine. Would love to see any of your ‘paper’ ideas!





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