Paper O’ Plenty


More paper you ask? I know, but these pages of sheet music are not ripped out of a book. I scrolled the internet for some sheet music. There are tons of options out there and a bazillion of them that you can print for free. So I did. Then, I ever so carefully, ripped the page to fit my candle length. Soaked the print in some coffee and dried them in the oven for a few minutes. It makes the paper even more aged looking and a little crisp. Wrapped the candles with the aged paper and finished it off with some twine.

I have a sweet little decorative looking bird cage that I had in mind to use. So my candles, which were hanging out in a drawer forever, have been brought back into the picture and now have a nice place on our coffee table. Pines cones are from my yard…….they are sort of taking over out there.




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