O’ Christmas tree, O’ Christmas tree……..our hunt for the perfect tree


Yesterday, we enjoyed our 2nd annual Christmas tree chopping experience. We have usually been the ‘fake’ tree kind of people, give or take a few different years, where we would purchase one at a tree lot/sale. However, after moving to Colorado several years ago, we decided to try our hand/s at chopping down our own tree. Last year was the first time that we have experienced this. If you live in an area where this is possible, it should be on your list of things to do as a family. So much fun.
We drove up to Winter Park and purchased our permit…….a whopping $10 at the local chamber of commerce………gotta love the price. Then we drove into the area where you can legally cut down your own tree. After hiking through some fairly deep snow and into the woods for quite some time, there she was, just waiting to be tied to the top of our vehicle………the perfect tree.
The area where our tree sits is very tall, almost 20 ft. ceilings, but it is also narrow, so this tree couldn’t have been any better.

I cannot wait to get it all decorated………..

We bring along a sled to lay the tree on and drag it back to our car……….but until then, our youngest gets a good ride with daddy pulling him.



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