DIY Remnant Wood Crate

So, yesterday I posted about staining/creating a center piece out of a store bought, pre made crate. Well, I liked it so much that today I decided to borrow some of my handy hubby’s tools and attempt to build my own. I have watched my husband create many things out of wood, so my thinking was……how hard can it be? I know you need to make pilot holes for the wood screws and while I will not attempt to use his skill saw or table saw (without him here to coach me), I figured I could just use a traditional saw to cut some of the wood to size. Luckily, the remnant wood I used is from an old low fence that was in part of our yard when we bought this house. My husband tore down the fence long ago and we stacked and saved the wood.


The bonus was having many like sized pieces to choose from. So, I only had to make 2 cuts for the end pieces. Clearly, I am not a professional at construction. I’m all about ‘guesstimating’ lengths and eyeballing the cut. If my husband were here, it would have been incredibly precise. That’s just how he rolls. For this crate however, the crude and rustic look is totally me. Cost for this shabby chic and rustic gem……..FREE!!! My favorite word. Now, where to put it and what to place inside of it…….maybe I’ll stain it???? Not sure yet! Ladies, you can sooooo do this. Start to finish it took me 30 minutes.


For now, this is where the crate will live.




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