Photos on Canvas – Christmas DIY

So here is a super easy gift idea. This craft is ALL over Pinterest, so I cannot take credit for the creativity. This was the first time I attempted this though and I must say, I am completely addicted. I started off with some blank 8×10 artist canvas (frequently on sale in 2pks at Hobby Lobby and Michaels), Mod Podge -Matte finish, black craft paint, sponge brushes and several black & white photos that I uploaded and had enlarged at Sams Club.

I painted the edges of the canvas black and ran the paint just up onto the top flat canvas part. Let that dry. Then, I trimmed my photos to fit, as they were a bit larger than the canvas itself. Layered a good coat of the Mod Podge onto the canvas, positioned my photo onto that and smoothed it out well with my hands. Right after that I painted on another coat of the Mod Podge over the top of the photo. Don’t panic, it will look very creamy and white, but dries clear. You do have to work quickly to make sure that all parts of the photo are covered smoothly with the mod Podge . DO NOT over work this stuff, as it will get a little clumpy.



Once they are completely dry you are good to go. Hang them, do a gallery wall with various sizes, gift them or embellish them for gift giving. I added a little twine and painted an initial onto a wood chip for one that I am gifting to a friend. Possibilities………endless. The effect that the matte finish gives to the photos is really lovely. It almost looks like the photos were hand painted.



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