Kitchen Lighting


Ok…….so, I have never been a fan of our kitchen lighting. Infact, I remember touring this house almost 5 yrs ago when it was on the market, and thinking, “those light have got go!” While they aren’t terrible, they just are not my taste. Also, the light above the kitchen table isn’t even centered in the room. It’s rather silly! That………and the fact that before any of our furniture arrived from Florida, my husband unwrapped a paper clip and used it to as wire to hold the light up higher so that no one would walk directly into it and slice their head open. And guess what??????? It’s still wrapped up like that. (All 4 1/2 years later!!!!!!!). Oh, the power of a paper clip.


After much searching, I finally found the perfect pendant lights and ordered them. However, when they arrived they were not oil rubbed bronze at all. Instead, it looked like someone took some brown spray paint and made them a lovely shade of chocolate brown. So back they went!!! UGH!!!! Then I located some alternate ones via Lowes online, placed my order and waited patiently. After a week I received a call informing me that those pendant lights are on ‘indefinite’ back order! What does that mean? Don’t they know how desperate I have gotten about these pendant lights…? Moving on and scouring the internet I ended up on the Wayfair website. Had never been on that site before. What a treat! Loved it and I not only found and ordered 3 pendant lights for our island on their site, but a chandelier to match for over our kitchen table. And the shipping, totally free! All items arrived in a matter of days and I am thrilled with their service. AMEN people!!!!! Can you hear me singing hallelujah? Hoping to have handy hubby instal them this weekend.

Below are the stock photos of the chandelier and pendant lights that we purchased. Cannot wait to get them up………..stay tuned for the final results.




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