Burlap Chandelier Shades – “Oh happy day”

I have been on the hunt for the perfect sized chandelier shades. I found some at Hobby Lobby in 2 different shades of burlap. However, when I got them home the shades themselves looked a wee bit too short. (Those were 4 inches in length, which I came to find out later is fairly standard). After a bit of a hunt, I located these on Amazon. They were also the most reasonably priced. (About $38 for 6 of them……..hot diggity dog). It is absolute craziness what some stores/vendors are charging for mini shades. I mean, really????

The company I ordered them from is called URBANEST LIVING, out of Chicago. And no joke, I ordered these on Thursday morning and they were outside my front door on Saturday. That is outstanding service………I was tickled. Cannot wait to write a rockin’ review for this company.

They are the perfect color of natural burlap and they are 5 inches in length, which is exactly what I wanted.

I love the strip of trim around the shades as well. They have lots of different shades to chose from. So if you are in the market for some burlap shades you can check out URBANEST LIVING at


One thought on “Burlap Chandelier Shades – “Oh happy day”

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