Burlap & Stenciled Box

I have been holding on to this old/dated, wooden box. The rounded lid design is cute, and that’s probably the only reason I have kept it this long. It had some old tapestry type fabric covering part of it………not my taste any longer (I’ve literally had this thing for almost 2 decades). This is where it began. I meant to snap a picture of it before painting it and forgot. So, visualize if you will, a dark wood trim. Needed to shabby it up a bit.

I gave it a quick once over with some homemade chalk paint that I had leftover from a furniture rehab. Literally, I basically slapped it on there……I wasn’t going for ‘neat’. Then, I decided to cover the tapestry areas with some natural burlap, also left over from making table runners for my neighbors. I cut it to size, folded the raw edges under and hot glued it down.

Roughed up the edges with a quick sanding and used a wood stain marker to antique/distress the edges. Used some stencils that I already had on hand and painted on the No. 3. (not sure why the 3……just thought it looked the best, plus it’s my favorite number. Yes, that’s a little dorky). And that was it. All completely FREE!

And this is where she will live for now, right inside the front door.




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