Another French Provincial Rehab – Dresser/Sideboard/Buffet

Here I go again. I was delighted to locate another 9 drawer, solid wood, french provincial dresser this past weekend. These tend to be my heavy hitters/most popular pieces of furniture that I recreate. I think it’s because they are incredibly versatile and can be used in so many different locations within the home. The lines of french provincial pieces are so soft and elegant…….I love the feet on these types of pieces too.


This piece is in immaculate condition, such an incredible bonus. However, I’m torn as to what color/colors I should go with. I have a few different ideas…… I suppose I will wait for her to speak to me as I’m sanding her shine off in my workshop shortly. I was tickled that it came with a mirror as well. Woo-Hoo!!!



French Inspired Urn

Last week I was picking up some supplies from Home Depot. Because I am a HUGE plant fan, I am forced to do the ‘walk through’ in the indoor and outdoor plant areas. (It’s all subliminal). I also love urns in all shapes and sizes. I have several indoors and some outside as well. You can imagine my delight when I spotted several of these urns on clearance. Typically, these can be costly (or more than my cheap wallet is willing to spend). I grabbed 2 of these for $8.50 a piece.

They are perfectly lovely as is, but a little more bronze then I care for. What is a girl to do you ask??????? Bust out some paint and ‘Frencherize’ them. (Yep, totally made up that word……but it works)! Because my workshop has paint o’plenty, color options was not a problem.

I used a cheap chip brush and dabbled on my favorite creamy white (Pot of cream), then I dry brushed on a Parisian grey (Sparrow). I wasn’t going for full coverage, as I wanted it to look a bit rustic and weathered.

Sorry about the lighting in my photos :0/. I took some sand paper to it in random areas, mainly to highlight some of the raised decorative parts. Then I used some left over Expresso glaze, that I had already mixed up from a previous project, and rubbed that on with a cloth…… a very messy manor.

I let that dry and finished it off with a thin coat of wax. 30 minutes start to finish. Now it’s sitting pretty on the divider between our kitchen eating area and the tv room.



Re-Dunk-u-Lus Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Cookies………OMG!!!


My 13 yr. old daughter, lives to be in the kitchen. Seriously, she has become my little sous chef and quite the baker. I love to cook, so having her in the kitchen with me is such a wonderful bonus. (That, plus the fact that she is our only girl…..and we have 5 kids). So it’s always special time chatting with her. Any who……she found a recipe for these ridiculously delicious chocolate cookies. I wish I could credit the inventor, but I have no idea where it came from.

I must also comment that no one in my household has a gluten intolerance. We made these because it was very few ingredients and we had a Sams Club sized bag of Ghirardelli chocolates in the pantry. Last week we made a batch for my sister in law who is HIGHLY gluten intolerant. This was the first time that we have made them using half chocolate and half white chocolate. Bomb-diggity!!!!! And can you believe how pretty and full they are????? WITH ZERO FLOUR!!!!!!


We have tweeked the recipe a bit and here is how we make them.

Preheat oven to 350. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. In a bowl, mix together-
1/2 cup white sugar & 1/2 cup brown sugar w/ 1/2 cup coconut oil. (Or you can use butter, we prefer coconut oil and we melt it a bit in the microwave). To this add 1 egg, 1tsp vanilla, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp salt and a small drizzle dizzle (sorry, it must be said) of canola oil. Mix it well. After this add 1 cup of cocoa powder and 3/4 cup chocolate chips (any flavor you prefer). Mix well again. The consistency will seem odd, just keep mixing. It will look like a large chocolate blob…….and that’s how it should look.

Roll into 1 inch balls and flatten just slightly when u place them on the pan. One batch makes about 17-20 cookies. Bake them for 8-9 minutes and enjoy. Seriously…….My favorite cookies ever!!!! Also, my neighbor shared a fun tip with me last yr (and I had never heard of this), if you place homemade cookies in a Tupperware container and place a slice of bread on top of them…..the cookies stay soft and moist). Totally works, I do this every time now. The bread helps to maintain the moisture. However, if you truly are gluten intolerant, clearly you would not want the slice of bread in there.


I’ll have to wait several more weeks before enjoying some of these again. I have given up sweets for lent. But I refuse to give up my small squirt of Agave Nectar in my single cup of coffee in the morning.


I can smell them now!!!!!!

Parisian Chic, Buffet/Dresser/Sideboard Reveal

Wax went on early this morning and my Parisian Princess is ready for a new home. After lovingly distressing this piece, I mixed a custom combination of glaze using a dark Expresso color. I applied it with a cheap chip brush and then played with the depth of it, wiping it off with paper towels, unscented baby wipes and a good ole’ damp rag.


The hardware was the original shade of white, so I applied a touch of my ‘Pot of Cream’ white and then smooshed (my new word for the day) on some of the glaze I had mixed using a steel wool pad. That gave them the antiquated, worn look I was going for.



This is a go/use anywhere type of piece. She’s all glam with a hint junk chic. What do you think?

Gettin’ My Spring On…….

Suffice it to say…….I’m over the cool, cold, chilly willy weather. I say, “Bring The Spring” already. As I sit at my kitchen table, we have a rain/snow mix rockin outside and it’s a lovely 36 degrees. I mean…….really?

Now that the reds, greens, golds, silver and glitter of Christmas are gone, I am so ready for for the cheery happy colors of spring. It may be ‘Brown Town’ outside (since everything except our blue spruce trees is brown)……I’m gettin my spring on.

I had a slew of styrofoam balls left over from Christmas. I anticipated making cute ornaments to give away to friends and neighbors, but got side tracked with an alternate gift idea and stashed these away. So while in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago I grabbed several packages of this lovely green sheet moss.

Got out my glue gun and went to town. I just ripped pieces of the sheet moss apart and hot glued it on. (FYI – super messy). My kitchen island looked like I had a full on gardening session…….dirt, grassy remnants everywhere. But totally worth it, cheap (one of my favorite words…….other than ‘free’) and easy.

I place all of them inside a large glass cloche that I got ages ago from PB on final clearance. I tucked in some dried roses here and there……and waa -laa. Let the cheery begin.
Flowers are my favorite, they make me happy and I am sort of addicted. Pretty artificial flowers are a quick fix for helping me to get my spring on. While strolling through the decor section of Wal-Mart, I came across these pretty pink and white flowers. I added a few that I already had and loved how they brightened up my kitchen table. (I’m thinking my brown burlap runner needs to go away for a while……. So I’m going to make another.)


I also found these precious little Easter eggs in a bunch at my grocery store yesterday. So I plopped a few here and there in my dining room inside some of my china.



Maybe, with the right attitude, spring will come knockin’ at my door sooner, as opposed to later. One can dream, right???

French Provincial, Shabby Chic, Curvy Front Dresser Makeover

Things have been so busy around here, and before I knew it……I had 4 pieces of furniture waiting to be rehabbed. Time to get my butt in gear. First in line, this darling gem. Solid wood, 9 drawer dresser. Though I could totally see using it as a buffet/sideboard/server, and that is exactly how I will list it. Those are my ‘go to’ pieces, as they are incredibly versatile. (And they tend to sell super quick, always a bonus).

She has been sitting in my garage for almost 2 weeks. From a distance, it would seem as though she doesn’t need much. But this was used in a teen girls bedroom and the top had all sorts of stains on it from drinks, nail polish, stickers remains….etc. So always, I clean my pieces first with any type of degreaser. Then, a good sanding and wipe away the dust. Normally, I would prime after that, however this piece looked to have been painted with chalk paint and didn’t required a primer. Something to think about folks, chalk paint (be it name brand or homemade) is almost always sealed with wax. Because of this, you have to remove the wax before you paint over it…..or the paint will not stick. A good once over with some sand paper will remove the wax.
My last few pieces I finished in that amazing blue, ‘Distance’ (by Behr), so I decided to go a different route with this frenchy piece. Appropriately so……I decided on a french grey color, ‘Sparrow’ (by Behr). I prefer an eggshell finish in the Behr standard, zero VOC enamel. Not the paint plus primer.


I think I will trim out some of the white (in ‘Pot of cream’ by Behr) for added detail/dimension, before distressing, glazing and waxing.

Original hardware will go right back on, so elegant. Hoping to post the final reveal with in the next day or 2. Thanks for stopping by :@)