French Inspired Urn

Last week I was picking up some supplies from Home Depot. Because I am a HUGE plant fan, I am forced to do the ‘walk through’ in the indoor and outdoor plant areas. (It’s all subliminal). I also love urns in all shapes and sizes. I have several indoors and some outside as well. You can imagine my delight when I spotted several of these urns on clearance. Typically, these can be costly (or more than my cheap wallet is willing to spend). I grabbed 2 of these for $8.50 a piece.

They are perfectly lovely as is, but a little more bronze then I care for. What is a girl to do you ask??????? Bust out some paint and ‘Frencherize’ them. (Yep, totally made up that word……but it works)! Because my workshop has paint o’plenty, color options was not a problem.

I used a cheap chip brush and dabbled on my favorite creamy white (Pot of cream), then I dry brushed on a Parisian grey (Sparrow). I wasn’t going for full coverage, as I wanted it to look a bit rustic and weathered.

Sorry about the lighting in my photos :0/. I took some sand paper to it in random areas, mainly to highlight some of the raised decorative parts. Then I used some left over Expresso glaze, that I had already mixed up from a previous project, and rubbed that on with a cloth…… a very messy manor.

I let that dry and finished it off with a thin coat of wax. 30 minutes start to finish. Now it’s sitting pretty on the divider between our kitchen eating area and the tv room.




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