Chicken Wire Cloche

So, I love cloches. I have multiple glass ones, big and small. And I am always on the lookout for more when perusing through antique stores or thrift shops.

I have seen many of variations of chicken wire cloches, so I decided to give it a shot.

I started with a roll of chicken wire, super cheap and available at any home improvement store, a can of Rustoleum’s ‘Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, needle nose pliers, scissors & burlap ribbon. Gloves should really be on the list, since chicken wire is sharp……. But I’m an ‘instant gratification’ kind of gal when it comes to crafty things, so I powered through…. (“Ain’t nobody got time for that”).

I began by rolling out the chicken wire, this stuff is stiff. I decided on a diameter/width and cut the wire just a hair larger, and ended up with a tall dome…..which looked like so. The tedious part begins. To thoroughly connect the cylinder together, I used the pliers to loop and wrap the wire at every little opened section. I wanted it to look as uniform as possible. Chicken wire bends easily, so that’s a plus.

Then I decided on a height and cut my tall cylinder a little bit over 1/2 way up, as I need material to bend and twist and join together to create the domed top portion of the cloche. (I neglected to snap a picture at this stage, sorry).

I took it outside and gave it a good shot of spray paint, let that dry, and then hit it again to fill in any missed areas. I only painted it because I did not want the cloche to be silver. And I love ‘Oil Rubbed Bronze’.
When that was complete, I brought it back in and filled it with some previously made grass covered styrofoam balls and small white roses. You could use any sort of knob, decorative cork/bottle stop or finial at the top……I didn’t happen to have one on hand. So I tied some burlap ribbon to the top and added a small cardboard note w/a mini clothes pin. Anyone can do this, super simple (and cheap) DIY. And the results………





Resurrection Day is on its way…….


“Christ The Lord is risen today, Alleluia!
Earth and Heaven in chorus say, Alleluia!


It was time to change up my seasonal decor on the entry table inside my front door.



Sweet little fake eggs……we did decorate some, however they were not worthy of a being on display. LOL


Happy Easter to all in the WordPress blogging world. May it be a day full of abundant blessings!

Front Door Spring-A-Ling-A-Ling Wreath

My front door needed something cheery. Something that gave a ‘shout out’ as to my readiness for ‘actual’ spring. Not this make believe spring where it’s nice one day and then 20 degrees and snowing the next. No sir-ree. I need full on, green grass, flowers blooming, birds chirping sort of spring.

After paying a visit to Hobby Lobby today, I gathered all of my supplies to create a whimsical spring time wreath.

I began with a simple grapevine wreath, some greenery, wispy florals, larger flowers, interesting cone type of floral, hot glue and a glue gun (of course) & a sweet little bird in a little nest. Of course the birdie is not real, he would just fly away.



I began with the greenery, cut it apart and stuck it I the wreath here and there as the base layer…..glued each piece as I went.

On top of that I cut the whimsical clusters of small white and green flowers and did the same thing as the greenery.

For the 3rd layer, I cut apart these clusters of precious lilac colored itty bitty flowers and stuck them in sort of randomly, gluing as I went.

Finally, I added the larger green flowers, a couple of small cream colored roses, the odd but fun cone floral thingys and last but not least, the precious little bird. Front door spring ‘bling’……done and done!!




Sideboard Beauty, Elegantly Chic

Just completed this piece for a client who will be picking it up today. Great lines, 8 legs and a subtle curvy front.


My client will be using this as her sofa table. I finished it in a Parisian grey (Sparrow by Behr), then tastefully distressed, glazed and waxed it. Polished up the original hardware, which is stunning, w/some Brasso. I’m hoping that she will be very pleased.


This is where she began (photo is from the former owner)

And now she has a whole new look……..


French Provincial Rehab Buffet/Sideboard/Dresser……Reveal

Finally finished this lovely gem. I was torn as to what color I would finish this piece with. I decided on 2 different shades. The creamy cocoa brown is Behr ‘Ethiopia’ and the white trim is Behr ‘Polished Peal’.
The serpentine front is incredibly elegant. After painting, I tastefully distressed/antiqued it, then applied a custom mixed Expresso colored glaze and finished with a good coat of wax. It gives such and authentic vintage feel.
I think I really love this shade of brown on this piece.