Front Door Spring-A-Ling-A-Ling Wreath

My front door needed something cheery. Something that gave a ‘shout out’ as to my readiness for ‘actual’ spring. Not this make believe spring where it’s nice one day and then 20 degrees and snowing the next. No sir-ree. I need full on, green grass, flowers blooming, birds chirping sort of spring.

After paying a visit to Hobby Lobby today, I gathered all of my supplies to create a whimsical spring time wreath.

I began with a simple grapevine wreath, some greenery, wispy florals, larger flowers, interesting cone type of floral, hot glue and a glue gun (of course) & a sweet little bird in a little nest. Of course the birdie is not real, he would just fly away.



I began with the greenery, cut it apart and stuck it I the wreath here and there as the base layer…..glued each piece as I went.

On top of that I cut the whimsical clusters of small white and green flowers and did the same thing as the greenery.

For the 3rd layer, I cut apart these clusters of precious lilac colored itty bitty flowers and stuck them in sort of randomly, gluing as I went.

Finally, I added the larger green flowers, a couple of small cream colored roses, the odd but fun cone floral thingys and last but not least, the precious little bird. Front door spring ‘bling’……done and done!!





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