Precious Writing Desk

Ever since returning from NYC, I feel as though I have been playing catch up on all of my many ‘to do’ items (both for clients and family members). I started working on this sweet desk for a client prior to heading out of town and was finally able to finish it for her this past week.

She has given me full permission to post this special piece on my blog. The desk belonged to her father and has lots of sentimental value. However, she was not a fan of the wood top paired with the maroon legs. So, after a bit of correspondence, she decided to bring her desk up to me when picking up/purchasing a buffet that I had recreated.

We decided on using 2 colors for the desk. The duck egg blue is Behr -Grey morning and the creamy white is Behr -Polished pearl.

I am in love with the legs on this lovely desk. They truly help to make the piece. My client will be finding some fun hardware (probably with a bit of bling) to finish off its new look.




A sincere ‘Thank You’ goes out to my client, Angela, for giving me the opportunity to recreate your Dads special desk and trusting me with this sentimental heirloom. Hope you enjoy it for years to come.


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