Painted Mirrors and Frames

Ok, so……….it’s been quite a while since my last post. Things have been busy around our house. I recreated several pieces for a clients new home, then my kiddos started summer break, then we went on a much needed lakehouse vacation with friends and family for 9 days and now we are home and it’s time to get refocused on my projects.

For sometime I have been wanting to paint several frames/mirrors around my house. Since my internal mental clock is still on east coast time, I have been waking absurdly early. I’m an early riser to begin with but 4 am is a wee bit too early to be downstairs having coffee. So when I roll out of bed at 5 am, and after a huge cup of coffee, I am ready to get my game face on.

I was in my workshop at 530 this morn……perfect because my kiddos were still staring at their eyelids. Grabbed a small container of left over white paint and got crackin. I basically dry brushed, wiped off, and wet rag distressed these. Two were glazed and one was not.

The first frame is an empty frame that I picked up at Savers for $3.99.

And after a bit of paint……





The next one I picked up for $2.00 at my neighbors adoption fundraiser garage sale. I helped her for the day, as lots of families donated items to be sold, and it was crazy busy. I saw this cute mirror and loved the details, but the colors…..not so much. Here it is before……


And the after……Painted, rag distressed and glazed. Way more my style. I just need to find a home for her.




The final mirror is one that hangs right next to our coat closet and gets a ton of use. I was over the super dark wood, so on went some white paint, rag and sand paper distressing and then some glaze…….it’s still drying as I type this post. Here’s the before…….



Hope all of you ‘WordPress People’ are enjoying a fabulous summer.





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