A Few Transformations

It’s no secret that I have been a bit behind on a few of my posts. I’m still catching up after returning from vacation…..sad but true. Maybe it’s just me, but I always tend to drag temporarily before getting my head on straight.

Before leaving for our vaca, I transformed 3 separate pieces for a sweet client and her hubby.  They were moving into a new house and wanted these pieces updated to begin their adventures in decorating at their new home. The bedroom furniture belonged to his parents. Very old/vintage….but incredibly well made and solid.

While I thought I had snapped a few before shots….I can not seem to locate them. So, picture if you will a very dark wood and heavy gloss on these 2 pieces. Additionally, each drawer had a faux keyhole plate that she asked me to remove. I also revamped the hardware with some oil rubbed bronze spray paint. These turned out so lovely and my clients couldn’t have been happier. I painted the high boy dresser in Polished Pearl and the nightstand in Oceanic Teal (it’s the perfect Tiffany blue).




After they retrieved these 2 pieces, they had me recreate an old secretary desk. It was in rough shape. Painted an old dark hunter green and some of the joinery on the drawers was coming apart. My client decide on a dark reddish/brown called Warm Sienna for the exterior color and I did the Polished Pearl for the inside. Again….im lacking the before pics.




Distressed and glazed, the inside was a cute contrast to the exterior. Have a blessed week.


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