Quaint China Cabinet Rehab

I finally got around to recreating this great piece. I purchased it long ago when picking up a buffet that I purchased for rehab for a client. This was the matching china cabinet to that buffet. I loved the size and the cute arched top so I snagged it as well.


Typically, I go with my usual suspects…..primer and zero VOC latex Behr paint. While I still used my Behr paint, I decided to mix it with my Calcium Carbonate to create a homemade/DIY chalk paint. This piece did not have a super dark stain or heavy shellac finish on it, so I thought the chalk paint route might work okay on this…….and it worked fabulously. 2 coats covered everything.

I have made chalk paint in the past and like the consistency of the formula that I use. I have not experimented with other elements such as plaster of Paris or unsanded grout. There are lots of reviews and mixtures out there, I just happen to prefer the smooth application using Calcium Carbonate…..and it helps that I had a full container of it on hand. This product can be found at any health food store. It must be in powder form, not tablets.
Recipe is as follows: (I almost always have to double this recipe)
*Mix 4 tablespoons of Calcium Carbonate with 1-2 tablespoons of warm water and mix until well blended/dissolved.
*Mix into 1 cup of latex paint.


The white is Behr Polished Pearl and the interior duck egg blue is Behr Gray Morning.



After the 2nd coat of paint dried overnight, I tastefully distressed the exterior of the piece. Then a light coat of glaze was applied and wiped off with a rag. I let that dry overnight and applied a coat of clear wax. I always use Minwax Finishing paste. It’s my favorite. On the inside, I gave it a finishing coat of Polycrylic. It’s a bit more durable than wax, especially when placing dishes and serving things inside the glass cabinets. Don’t want the shelves getting scratched, right?


Got out the Brasso and went to town on the very tarnished original hardware…..what a difference.



She has been listed for sale and patiently awaits a new home.

Antique Sign Reveal

As promised…….here is the reveal.

After looking at my homemade sign for several days, and considering how it might look in a few different areas of our home, it landed in the exact location that I initially intended it to live……..our front library area.


I think that it finishes out the wall space in between the bookshelves nicely.

DIY – Antique Sign

For years, literally, I have been on the hunt for a fun, weathered, antique type of sign. I have seen a few that I really liked but was unwilling to release that kind of dollar amount from my wallet.

So what’s a girl to do? Make one, of course! While it’s not exactly ‘authentic’……it is authentically mine.

I started with a remnant piece of wood that I found hiding in our storage room, leaning against the wall behind the hot water heater……no joke. We have been here 5 years and it had to have belonged to the former owners. It looked like an old shelf of some sort because the outer edge of the wood is rounded. It is probably delighted to be out of the storage room/workshop.
This is where it began……


I barely wiped it down folks, I was wanting results fast. I dry brushed on some grey paint and a bit of duck egg blue, very randomly.




I sanded it a bit and slapped on some stain……totally not going for neat….and then wiped off the stain. After that dried overnight, I got on the computer and decided on a font. I went with ‘Bookman Old Style’ and sized the font to 500 (so it printed one letter per page).


While this may sound silly, I was gripping with ‘what’ I would print on my sign. I looked at tons of different french quotes, sayings, various Pinterest ideas…..nothing really spoke to me. I kept thinking I wanted it simple, and simple it is. Initially, I thought about ‘Farmers Market’. While I am a veggie FREAK…….if given a choice to go to a farmers market or an antique market, I choose the antique market ALL DAY LONG! (Assuming that I have a macked out container of coffee with me).

I cut out around each letter and positioned them on the board with a little tape. Once I had everything lined up as I wanted, I used a pencil (applying a lot of pressure…….like, hurt my fingers kind of pressure) to trace along the outer edge of each letter. This created a faint outline for me, and my black sharpie, on the board.



I used the sharpie to trace along the faint lines that I had created and then some black craft paint and a couple of little paint brushes to fill in each letter.


When all was painted, I let it dry overnight. Today, it still seemed a bit to bold for my liking….


I decided to sand a bit more, this time going over the letters with a sanding block, wiped that down and mixed up a white wash. A big dollup of white paint and water. Heavy on the water…..it looked thinner than milk. So I brushed that on to dumb it down a bit and immediately wiped it off with a paper towel. The coolest thing began to happen……a bit more of the black paint on the letters sort of rubbed off in these totally random areas. And I liked it. I used a little java glaze (dry brushing & and wiping with paper towels) to finish it off. And I think that’s where I shall leave it. I thought about outlining some of the letters with a gold pen, but I’m not sure.



Now, where to hang it? Initially, I wanted it in our library. But now I’m not so sure. Meanwhile, I keep carrying it around the house from the tv room, to the foyer, to the library……almost like I’m trying to calm a baby. My goodness. I’ll post a reveal when it finds a place on one of these walls.

Chalkboard Placement Reveal


My husbands favorite verse in the bible is the love passage from
1 Corinthians 13. It seemed fitting to write a portion of it on my chalkboard transformation. He loves it…….Can I get an Amen?

In every home that we have lived in (1 apt, 4 houses) the master bedroom always seems to lack the attention that it should get. We have been in our home 5 yrs. and the master continues to feel a little left behind. Slowly but surely we are making progress. After all, isn’t it said that we spend 30% of our lives in bed? It should be a retreat.
Last year, I painted the bedroom and bathroom a creamy grey blue. Handy hubby framed out our flat screen, though I still need to paint that……..
We added some crown moulding…….and I have yet to caulk, spackle, sand and paint that as well. See what I mean…….?


The walls are a bit vacant and the bay window does not have a finished presence. So I have my thinking cap on for just the right pieces/ideas to come to mind. For the time being, it’s a continual work in progress. But my chalkboard is hung!



Dated Picture Gone Chalkboard

Love Ballard Designs, but not the price? I think their chalkboards are fabulous. However, the cost, not so much! Their Acanthus message/chalkboards go for $159-for the medium and $259- for the large. Ummmmm, no thank you! They look like so…..


Recently, I picked up a dated picture at my neighbors garage sale. I loved the size (44 x 22) and the detail of the frame. My investment…………..$5. Gotta love it. I knew that I wanted to transform it into a chalkboard for our master bedroom. I have done this before in a post from many months back. One of the easiest transformations ever. My garage sale find was this….


First, I painted the frame with 2 coats of Behr – Ashwood, it’s almost identical to ASCP in French Linen.


I didn’t worry about getting it on the glass, as it’s super simple to remove once dry with a flat edge razor or a putty knife……so don’t worry about being neat. Once that was dry, I rolled on 3 coats of Rustoleum ‘chalkboard’ paint, waiting a couple of hours in between coats. I used a foam roller and a small foam brush to cut it in.



Once the chalkboard paint is completely dry, (I let it cure for 24 hrs), you need to prime it. This way, whatever you write on it will not become imbedded in the black paint. To prime, take a regular piece of white chalk and lie it flat against the chalkboard. Using vertical or horizontal strokes, completely cover all of the chalkboard, then remove the chalk with a damp rag and your ready to write out your ‘to do’ list, grocery list, activity reminders, or something motivational. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s my board, all complete, but still blank. I am pondering what to write on it before hanging it above our bed.


This is the first chalkboard that I created last year, also out of a dated, framed picture that I have had for years. It sits in the walkway off of my kitchen that leads to the dining room. It always reflects something related to the holiday, or motivational, be it scripture or lyrics to one of my favorite Christian songs…..which is what I have on there currently.