Quaint China Cabinet Rehab

I finally got around to recreating this great piece. I purchased it long ago when picking up a buffet that I purchased for rehab for a client. This was the matching china cabinet to that buffet. I loved the size and the cute arched top so I snagged it as well.


Typically, I go with my usual suspects…..primer and zero VOC latex Behr paint. While I still used my Behr paint, I decided to mix it with my Calcium Carbonate to create a homemade/DIY chalk paint. This piece did not have a super dark stain or heavy shellac finish on it, so I thought the chalk paint route might work okay on this…….and it worked fabulously. 2 coats covered everything.

I have made chalk paint in the past and like the consistency of the formula that I use. I have not experimented with other elements such as plaster of Paris or unsanded grout. There are lots of reviews and mixtures out there, I just happen to prefer the smooth application using Calcium Carbonate…..and it helps that I had a full container of it on hand. This product can be found at any health food store. It must be in powder form, not tablets.
Recipe is as follows: (I almost always have to double this recipe)
*Mix 4 tablespoons of Calcium Carbonate with 1-2 tablespoons of warm water and mix until well blended/dissolved.
*Mix into 1 cup of latex paint.


The white is Behr Polished Pearl and the interior duck egg blue is Behr Gray Morning.



After the 2nd coat of paint dried overnight, I tastefully distressed the exterior of the piece. Then a light coat of glaze was applied and wiped off with a rag. I let that dry overnight and applied a coat of clear wax. I always use Minwax Finishing paste. It’s my favorite. On the inside, I gave it a finishing coat of Polycrylic. It’s a bit more durable than wax, especially when placing dishes and serving things inside the glass cabinets. Don’t want the shelves getting scratched, right?


Got out the Brasso and went to town on the very tarnished original hardware…..what a difference.



She has been listed for sale and patiently awaits a new home.


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