Antique Vintage-esq’ Typewriter


Can you hear me singing hallelujah? I have been on the hunt, for some time now, attempting to find just the right ‘antiquey’ looking typewriter. Locating them is not the problem, my obstacle was the price! People are charging a small fortune for these old typewriters. Especially if they are in good condition and in working order…..many go for several hundred dollars. No thank you.

Let me clarify that I am by no means a typewriter expert. So I am sure that different brands, model numbers and age all play a part in the asking price. But I knew what I was looking for and I was willing to wait for all of the stars to align. And indeed they did!


My good buddy, who also loves antiquing, happened to be traveling over the weekend to a wedding. Her travels took her through Cody, Wyoming, where there is a large antique type warehouse called Auntie Q’s. Of course, she had to do a ‘walk through’………..and that is where she located this beauty. She actually found 2 different brands and I was delighted that one of them happened to be an L.C. Smith and Corona, as I have always liked the size. (FYI, some old typewriters are mamba jamba in size).


The biggest bonus, actually there are 2, the price ($55) and the fact that this typewriter is in absolute working order. No sticky keys or no missing parts. Amen! Other than needing a new ribbon, as the ink prints very light, this baby is in awesome condition. I’m giddy with excitement.


Here is a sign on the times, my 14 yr old daughter was playing around typing on it last night……when she asked me, “where’s the backspace button to delete?” Amazing what a tech savvy world we live in now.


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