Serpentine front Buffet

This just completed………


My sweet client, whom I just recreated a china cabinet for, decided that she wanted first right of refusal on this fabulous, vintage, Bernhardt buffet that I was working on. They recently moved into their new home and she is quickly having fun decorating all of her new spaces. Totally the best part of a new home, I think.

After all of my prep steps, cleaning, sanding and 2 coats of primer….I decided of a french linen color (Behr- Ashwood) as the base color and I trimmed it out with my favorite white (Behr- Polished Pearl).



At this stage was when my client decided to come and take a look, as she had not hand picked the colors, I had. Loving it ‘as is’, she decided to leave the finish crisp… no distressing or glazing. While that is not common place for majority of my work (as I am typically distressing and glazing), I too enjoy the clean finish of this piece.



The entire piece received a good coat of wax and the top got 2 coats. All original hardware was scrubbed, polished and buffed using Brasso……what a difference. Love the elegant serpentine front…….and the fact that it is going to one of my sweetest clients ever.




2 thoughts on “Serpentine front Buffet

  1. Enjoying your blog. I just bought a buffet yesterday . My daughter suggested I paint it eggplant . Not sure where to start but you are my inspiration!

    • Wow!!! So very kind. What a huge compliment. Thanks for the kind words and for visiting. Would love to see your buffet when you are finished. Best of luck……you can do it!!

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