Fall Wreath


Yes, Fall is coming. I haven’t decided yet as to whether or not I am excited about the change of season (snow, cold) or ready to boycott it. Apparently, I don’t have much of a choice. From what I have been told…….I cannot seem to control the weather. I really struggled to drag out all of the fall/Harvest home decor yesterday. After doing so though, I thought it might be helpful to change things up a bit…….maybe that will sway my mood. The jury is still out.

Today I went to Michaels and purchased some things to create a new wreath for the front door. That should get me started. Here is what I grabbed.



Their fall greenery was all 50% off and I used a coupon for the grapevine wreath……total was $26. Not too bad. I wanted this wreath to be a bit more monochromatic, creamy colors, than my other fall/harvest wreath which is the typical orange, burlap, pumpkins…..etc

I began with different layers and hot glue, first on were some greenery sprigs and wheat stalk type things.


Then I pieced in some sprigs of darker and lighter pussy willow type of greenery, I ripped apart the Halloween looking sprigs (as I only wanted the creamy pumpkins and leaves) and stuck those in, added a grey/blue flower out of one of my arrangements, added some french print burlap and plopped it on the door.





This is my old wreath…..


And the new creation….


Yesterday, I decided to paint my pumpkins……..lots of them. These larger ones I always put on my dining room table. What once looked liked so…..


was transformed into this with a bit of creamy white paint.



The little pumpkins, which are plastic, were also painted. I did a few white, some duck egg blue, and a couple in a french linen.




Hope each of you are ‘rockin’ your Fall decor……I need more inspiration please.

Empire Chic Set – HIghboy Dresser and Desk/Vanity

Realizing it has been some time since my last post (and even longer since my last furniture recreation). Alas, I have completed and listed this stunning set for sale.


I actually picked these up some time ago, but was so busy recreating pieces for other clients that these lovelies had to sit aside for quite a while. I love the pineapple carved trim and detail they have and this is what drew me to the set in the first place. They are excellent quality, solid cherry pieces, dove tailed drawers and made by Virginia House Cherry company.



And the process began, cleaning, sanding, priming and painting. The French linen color is one of my favorites, Behr – Ashwood, and the creamy white is Behr – Polished Pearl. It was indeed time consuming taking extra care with the white on the carved detail pieces…….but soooooo worth the effort in the end. I just think it adds a special touch, as opposed to one solid color.



Both were elegantly distressed, glazed and waxed. An added bonus was the fact that all of the original, vintage crystal knobs were in tact. So classy.

I have 2 buffets also awaiting transformation……hope to be completing and posting those soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Vintage Sheet Music Wreath


Just finished the final touches on this DIY wreath.  I started with 2 books of vintage sheet music that I picked up at a thrift store for $1 each.  I love the look of old sheet music and my daughter plays piano…..so this wreath will hang somewhere near her piano. I’m sure there are those who are cringing at the fact that I literally tore apart these perfectly good (though worn) books of sheet music.


Using a lid from a sturdy cardboard box, I traced a dinner plate onto the cardboard and cut out a large circle.  Using hot glue, I rolled each page diagonally,  securing the narrow end at the center of the cardboard circle.


I then placed a 2nd layer of rolled pages in between, but on top of, the 1st layer.


While I could’ve call it quits here…I felt like the center needed a touch of something else.

So, today I hit Hobby Lobby and decided that a fun flower might be just perfect. I cut it off of the stem, and the leaves too, positioned them in the center of the wreath and hot glued them down. Loving the final product……