Vintage Sheet Music Wreath


Just finished the final touches on this DIY wreath.  I started with 2 books of vintage sheet music that I picked up at a thrift store for $1 each.  I love the look of old sheet music and my daughter plays piano… this wreath will hang somewhere near her piano. I’m sure there are those who are cringing at the fact that I literally tore apart these perfectly good (though worn) books of sheet music.


Using a lid from a sturdy cardboard box, I traced a dinner plate onto the cardboard and cut out a large circle.  Using hot glue, I rolled each page diagonally,  securing the narrow end at the center of the cardboard circle.


I then placed a 2nd layer of rolled pages in between, but on top of, the 1st layer.


While I could’ve call it quits here…I felt like the center needed a touch of something else.

So, today I hit Hobby Lobby and decided that a fun flower might be just perfect. I cut it off of the stem, and the leaves too, positioned them in the center of the wreath and hot glued them down. Loving the final product……






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