Fall Wreath


Yes, Fall is coming. I haven’t decided yet as to whether or not I am excited about the change of season (snow, cold) or ready to boycott it. Apparently, I don’t have much of a choice. From what I have been told…….I cannot seem to control the weather. I really struggled to drag out all of the fall/Harvest home decor yesterday. After doing so though, I thought it might be helpful to change things up a bit…….maybe that will sway my mood. The jury is still out.

Today I went to Michaels and purchased some things to create a new wreath for the front door. That should get me started. Here is what I grabbed.



Their fall greenery was all 50% off and I used a coupon for the grapevine wreath……total was $26. Not too bad. I wanted this wreath to be a bit more monochromatic, creamy colors, than my other fall/harvest wreath which is the typical orange, burlap, pumpkins…..etc

I began with different layers and hot glue, first on were some greenery sprigs and wheat stalk type things.


Then I pieced in some sprigs of darker and lighter pussy willow type of greenery, I ripped apart the Halloween looking sprigs (as I only wanted the creamy pumpkins and leaves) and stuck those in, added a grey/blue flower out of one of my arrangements, added some french print burlap and plopped it on the door.





This is my old wreath…..


And the new creation….


Yesterday, I decided to paint my pumpkins……..lots of them. These larger ones I always put on my dining room table. What once looked liked so…..


was transformed into this with a bit of creamy white paint.



The little pumpkins, which are plastic, were also painted. I did a few white, some duck egg blue, and a couple in a french linen.




Hope each of you are ‘rockin’ your Fall decor……I need more inspiration please.


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