Thanksgiving Count Down

It’s about that time folks……and if you’re hosting Thanksgiving, like me, you have to begin the ‘prep’ early. On Monday, I took my 18 lb turkey out of the freezer. Yesterday, I boiled all the sweet potatoes for my sweet potato casserole. I also, chopped and sauted a large onion & garlic with some all natural sausage…..this will go into the stuffing.

This morning, I boiled a ton of eggs for the deviled eggs that I will make and I also went ahead and prepared & baked 2 pecan pies. These are my weakness……favorite dessert on Thanksgiving, hands down. Not exactly a healthy option, but so utterly delicious…..and that’s why they are only allowed inside this house once a year. Sheer will power will have to keep me away from these until tomorrow evening…….what a challenge.



Later today, I’ll boil all of my yukon golds for the garlic mashed potatoes and fry up the bacon that will go into my balsamic glazed brussel sprouts. This way, majority of the grunt work is over and it will make putting together these multiple dishes tomorrow a bit less taxing, so I can focus on my bird.

I’m adding a special touch to the mirror in my dining room this year. While scrolling through Pinterest I came across these fabulous free printables…….this gals darling website had many printables to choose from, banners, place cards, tags, etc. Be sure to check it out here, what a fun treat. I’ll be focusing on the banner.


So super cute. I used mini paper clips to attach them to some twine. You may not be able to tell from the photo, but when these print out, the paper faintly looks like a light textures burlap. I’m loving it.


Tomorrow……it’s ‘go time’. So while I watch/listen to the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, ill season and cook my bird, mix filling for deviled eggs, mix up sweet potato casserole and create strudel topping, prepare and cook stuffing, mash-heat-season mashed potatoes, cook-brown & glaze brussel sprouts, and when the turkey is done…..I’ll make the gravy.

May all of you enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving

French Farmhouse Coffee Table

Recently, I listed/sold this fabulous farmhouse buffet to a fun gal who truly lives ON A Farm!!!! They have horses, yaks, dogs….etc. And they are rehabbing the entire place. The pictures are amazing. She asked me to rehab an old coffee table (that belonged to her parents years before) and finish it in the same manner as the buffet.

Totally out of character for me, I completely forgot to snap a picture of the before. The top had years of wear, yuck and gunk that had to be sanded, scrubbed and stripped, several times, with Citrustrip.
This is after all of the grime removal…….that wood grain……beautiful!!!!

On went 2 coats of Jacobean stain on top, followed by 3 coats of Polycrylic for ultimate durability. The base of the table got 2 coats of the same DIY, soft black chalk paint that I applied to the buffet. A little distressing and a good coat of dark wax to seal the deal on this baby. My client picked up today and was just delighted…….that’s always the greatest compliment.




Next up, she wants me to recreate this old chicken box/coop that she dropped off to me today. She wants to use it as a side table……oh, the ideas that I have. Her words to me, “Use your imagination and do whatever you want.” WOW!!!! Should be fun.


Burlap Table Runner w/Vintage Skirted trim


Last year, I made some simple burlap table runners, both for my kitchen table and dining room table. After lots of use, I decided I should whip up some new ones before hosting thanksgiving. Additionally, I was creating a 3rd one for one of my ‘farmhouse’ clients.

Previously, I would just buy burlap by the yard. However, while in Hobby Lobby, I noticed this huge burlap table cloth and the weave is MUCH tighter. The big score…’s was in their ‘wedding’ section, which all happened to be 50% off. This large table cloth will easily create 3 separate runners (possibly 4, depending on the size you are creating).


The added bonus is that it has a finished edge all the way around. I was completely sewing my runners, and embellishing my personal use ones, so that wasn’t a big perk for me. So I got busy, measuring, cutting and then ironing (on a low setting) to create a crisp edge and then did some simple straight line sewing along the seams.



I have quite a bit of ,almost, antique linens that my mother gave me years ago. It all belonged to my great grandmother, so it’s nearing the possible 100 yr mark. Much of the larger pieces have some sort of yellowing and staining that is just not removable. So what better way to use it than to cut it in half and skirt each side of the runner. The special touch, is a bit of embroidery that my great grandmother did by hand. I pleated and pinned (‘right sides together….of burlap and skirted trim) along each side. Wasn’t going for exact measurements or precise pleats. I’m a ‘get the project done’ kinda gal……and I’m not super patient that way. But the finished look……darling. I couldn’t be happier…..1 down and 1 to go.





More Junking Finds

Sometimes, you just can’t help yourself. Even if you have no idea what purpose in item will serve when you spot it….. those are the things I like to figure out later.  Like this gigantic glass jar that I got for a scream…… Which made me want to scream, but I managed to contain myself. I eventually decided that I wanted to fill it with something fun and whimsical and place it near my front door.


I created a small tag for it with the word ‘Gather’, appropriately so…. with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Annually, we host the Thanksgiving dinner for all of my family, and sometimes friends . Though this year, it will just be family.


Be still my beating heart…….I LOVE scales,  kitchen, postal, candy, mercantile…….so, at a different vintage shop I scored this darling antique scale.  Patiently, I wait for a much larger scale for my kitchen island, but I have not been able to locate the perfect one. In the meantime, I am in love with this baby.



The patina and everything about it is perfect. It has found a nice home on the buffet in my dining room. I also snagged this cute little old school children’s bench…….precious.


Any special plans for Thanksgiving?

Antique-ee Junky Finds


So, I mentioned before that I have been working with my new friend who is preparing to launch a Farm to Table Inn. I have been helping her by resourcing certain pieces for her place. Its always the thrill of the hunt. And when you stumble upon that perfect peace, its like sweet victory….. Especially at the right price. I didn’t want to start screaming and shouting “hallelujah” in the antique mall as people probably would have looked at me like I was some sort of lunatic.


This awesome trunk didn’t know it at the time, but in its new life it would serve as a great coffee table. Formerly, it was constructed in 1942 by Fisher Price and it was used as a medical trunk. It even has the old cool red crosses still visible on the sides of the wood…… Love love love. And so did my client.
So I brought her home, cleaned her up good, scrubbed the inside, sanded down the rough splintery, exterior wood, added some cool locking caster wheels…..and waa-laa. Awesome coffee table for her farmhouse unit.


Love the authentic, dented, stainless steel top .



In a different vintage antique store, I stumbled upon the most perfect antique ladder. This will be mounted partially to the wall in her bathroom to hold bath towels and hand towels and what not…..


This is in the store, the picture is a little blurry.


And here it is in my house…… Picture, not so blurry this time.  I also resourced some fantastic nightstands. It was truly the score, price wise, of the century. These nightstands would easily sell for over $100 a piece in a good antique store. Got them both for under $100.


This is a slight glimpse of the drop leaf kitchen table that I rehabbed for her (picture is prior to rehab)….you can see the table use to be an old black color.


Then I gave it a good cleaning, sanding, priming, and two different colors of paint. We mimicked the wall color and her white trim so the top of the table is white with an antique glaze and the base of the table is a pretty soft grey also with an antique glaze.




All is coming together quite nicely. I look forward to posting photos sometime soon after her launch.

Fall updates

I really enjoy fall….though I am not quite ready for the snow (which came crashing in several days ago with Artic type temperatures…..ugh!)

While all of my Halloween decor has been put away, what is left will serve dual purpose for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday .


The new sign hanging outside our front door I found dirt cheap at Sam’s Club. It actually looks like a chalkboard and says ‘Welcome’ on one side and ‘Give Thanks’ on the other. I did have to paint it with some DIY white chalk paint, as I was not a fan of the initial red frame.


Before Halloween, I gave my pumpkins a little burlap skirt and some decorative fall sprigs tied up with twine around the pumpkin stem.




These mini pumpkins and the squash will stay on my kitchen island through Thanksgiving.



Shall we all be mindful to give thanks, at all times, in all things.

Vintage Black Beauty


Busy would be an understatement for our crazy lives recently. I have been rehabbing pieces and working with a client to resource multiple decor items for a ‘Farm to Table’ inn that she is preparing to launch in the greater Denver area. The end result will be fabulous, as she lives on an amazing plot of land with a full working/operating farm/garden full of organic veggies and tons of fantastic flowers. This endeavor has been such a treat for me. When it all comes together, and with her permission of course, I’m hoping to post multiple pictures of the finished product……so stay tuned.

Several pieces in inventory had to take a back seat while I have been occupied ‘playing’ with my new friend and pulling things together to wrap up her unit for launch. Slowly, I have been recreating this lovely piece and was delighted to put the finishing touches on it last night.
<img src="" alt="IMG Continue reading