Vintage Black Beauty


Busy would be an understatement for our crazy lives recently. I have been rehabbing pieces and working with a client to resource multiple decor items for a ‘Farm to Table’ inn that she is preparing to launch in the greater Denver area. The end result will be fabulous, as she lives on an amazing plot of land with a full working/operating farm/garden full of organic veggies and tons of fantastic flowers. This endeavor has been such a treat for me. When it all comes together, and with her permission of course, I’m hoping to post multiple pictures of the finished product……so stay tuned.

Several pieces in inventory had to take a back seat while I have been occupied ‘playing’ with my new friend and pulling things together to wrap up her unit for launch. Slowly, I have been recreating this lovely piece and was delighted to put the finishing touches on it last night.
<img src="" alt="IMG
_1539.JPG” class=”alignnone size-full” />

The top was in poor shape, so I sanded like mad to reveal the original wonderful wood grain and applied 3 coats of Jacobean to the top, followed by 2 coats of Polycrylic.


The body of the piece received a good scrubbing and light sanding. Then I mixed up some DIY chalk paint using Calcium Carbonate (by far THE BEST, in my opinion) and Behr-Stealth Jet (flat finish). It’s a wonderful soft black. I applied 2 coats with a cheap wide chip brush……I wanted that ultra rustic farmhouse feel. And it worked awesome.


Distressed it a bit here and there with a fine grit sand paper (220) and then finished it off with a dark finishing paste/wax by Minwax (ordered this on Amazon for about $13), as it’s tricky to find anywhere else…… the Minwax pastes. And the price rocks of course.



Details on this piece are magnificent with it’s scrolled legs, original casters, dove tailed drawers, locking cabinets and silverware drawer and it comes with 2 skeleton keys. Wish I had the space to keep her…….but no can do. She patiently awaits a new home.


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