More Junking Finds

Sometimes, you just can’t help yourself. Even if you have no idea what purpose in item will serve when you spot it….. those are the things I like to figure out later.  Like this gigantic glass jar that I got for a scream…… Which made me want to scream, but I managed to contain myself. I eventually decided that I wanted to fill it with something fun and whimsical and place it near my front door.


I created a small tag for it with the word ‘Gather’, appropriately so…. with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Annually, we host the Thanksgiving dinner for all of my family, and sometimes friends . Though this year, it will just be family.


Be still my beating heart…….I LOVE scales,  kitchen, postal, candy, mercantile…….so, at a different vintage shop I scored this darling antique scale.  Patiently, I wait for a much larger scale for my kitchen island, but I have not been able to locate the perfect one. In the meantime, I am in love with this baby.



The patina and everything about it is perfect. It has found a nice home on the buffet in my dining room. I also snagged this cute little old school children’s bench…….precious.


Any special plans for Thanksgiving?


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