Burlap Table Runner w/Vintage Skirted trim


Last year, I made some simple burlap table runners, both for my kitchen table and dining room table. After lots of use, I decided I should whip up some new ones before hosting thanksgiving. Additionally, I was creating a 3rd one for one of my ‘farmhouse’ clients.

Previously, I would just buy burlap by the yard. However, while in Hobby Lobby, I noticed this huge burlap table cloth and the weave is MUCH tighter. The big score…..it’s was in their ‘wedding’ section, which all happened to be 50% off. This large table cloth will easily create 3 separate runners (possibly 4, depending on the size you are creating).


The added bonus is that it has a finished edge all the way around. I was completely sewing my runners, and embellishing my personal use ones, so that wasn’t a big perk for me. So I got busy, measuring, cutting and then ironing (on a low setting) to create a crisp edge and then did some simple straight line sewing along the seams.



I have quite a bit of ,almost, antique linens that my mother gave me years ago. It all belonged to my great grandmother, so it’s nearing the possible 100 yr mark. Much of the larger pieces have some sort of yellowing and staining that is just not removable. So what better way to use it than to cut it in half and skirt each side of the runner. The special touch, is a bit of embroidery that my great grandmother did by hand. I pleated and pinned (‘right sides together….of burlap and skirted trim) along each side. Wasn’t going for exact measurements or precise pleats. I’m a ‘get the project done’ kinda gal……and I’m not super patient that way. But the finished look……darling. I couldn’t be happier…..1 down and 1 to go.





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