Thanksgiving Count Down

It’s about that time folks……and if you’re hosting Thanksgiving, like me, you have to begin the ‘prep’ early. On Monday, I took my 18 lb turkey out of the freezer. Yesterday, I boiled all the sweet potatoes for my sweet potato casserole. I also, chopped and sauted a large onion & garlic with some all natural sausage…..this will go into the stuffing.

This morning, I boiled a ton of eggs for the deviled eggs that I will make and I also went ahead and prepared & baked 2 pecan pies. These are my weakness……favorite dessert on Thanksgiving, hands down. Not exactly a healthy option, but so utterly delicious…..and that’s why they are only allowed inside this house once a year. Sheer will power will have to keep me away from these until tomorrow evening…….what a challenge.



Later today, I’ll boil all of my yukon golds for the garlic mashed potatoes and fry up the bacon that will go into my balsamic glazed brussel sprouts. This way, majority of the grunt work is over and it will make putting together these multiple dishes tomorrow a bit less taxing, so I can focus on my bird.

I’m adding a special touch to the mirror in my dining room this year. While scrolling through Pinterest I came across these fabulous free printables…….this gals darling website had many printables to choose from, banners, place cards, tags, etc. Be sure to check it out here, what a fun treat. I’ll be focusing on the banner.


So super cute. I used mini paper clips to attach them to some twine. You may not be able to tell from the photo, but when these print out, the paper faintly looks like a light textures burlap. I’m loving it.


Tomorrow……it’s ‘go time’. So while I watch/listen to the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, ill season and cook my bird, mix filling for deviled eggs, mix up sweet potato casserole and create strudel topping, prepare and cook stuffing, mash-heat-season mashed potatoes, cook-brown & glaze brussel sprouts, and when the turkey is done…..I’ll make the gravy.

May all of you enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving


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