It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year


Indeed, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Following the Thanksgiving holiday, it too is a time to reflect with gratitude and grateful hearts the true meaning of this spectacular day.

Let the fun begin…… Our family started a tradition 3 yrs ago, since moving to Colorado, by driving into the beautiful Rocky Mountains to cut down our family Christmas tree. It’s become the highlight of our days following thanksgiving. However, each year I find that we are becoming more
picky about the size, density and quality of our tree. As my husband put it this year, “Do you hear the angels signing when you look at that tree?” So after an hour and a half of hiking through the woods, in deep areas of snow, we found the most amazing tree. I’m not sure if the angels were singing…..but we certainly were. It’s stands at an impressive 12 1/2 feet tall. Would have been closer to 14 feet, but we had to trim it up a bit. It’s a beauty for sure.

Hauling that baby back to the car, where we made hot chocolate, was definitely a 2 man job….(or actually, 1 man, 1 woman… hubby and myself).

And the decorating process began. I wasn’t feeling quite ready to drag out all of the multiple Christmas bins…..primarily because I was still exhausted from the hoopla of Thanksgiving. But somehow, once you start digging through the Christmas decor the season begins to grow on you……or maybe it’s just me.





And of course, you can’t just focus on the tree. Other areas of the house need “decking”, right? And for me…..I want it taken care of, immediately, like in one day and all of the bins put away and the mess cleaned up.




So a little Christmas love gets spread around everywhere…….and it is soooo totally worth it.







May each of you enjoy a blessed Christmas season.


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