Garlic & Rosemary Infused Olive Oil – Gifts

Every year, I like to do a little something crafty for the gifting that we do for all of our neighbors. This year, I elected to do things a little different. So instead of baking sweets, I went with some infused olive oil.

I purchased cute oil bottles that are the self corking/locking type. Found these at Hobby Lobby when they had 50% off of their glass items! which was a terrific score at right around $2/bottle. Then I grabbed a large container of regular olive oil (not EVOO) from SAMs Club. Apparently, the regular is better for infusing. Washed and dried the bottles really well and I also rinsed/dried the fresh sprigs of rosemary. I decided that garlic would be a nice accompaniment to the rosemary, so I got busy peeling and snipping the ends of multiple garlic cloves.



I dropped about 3 small cloves into each bottle, followed by a few small sprigs of rosemary and then used a funnel to fill the bottles with olive oil. Because I use olive oil on just about everything, and I LOVE to dip good french bread into it, I decided it would be fun to add a small dish to the gift……for the ‘dipping’ of course. I bought all that was left on the shelf at Target for $2/dish. I used some simple brown tags to label the bottles re: their contents and attached them to the jars with twine.


Then, I set each bottle inside of a dish, inside the center of some pretty tissue paper, thew in a handful of Hershey’s Kisses for good measure, put that all inside of a cute gift bag, tied with twine and attached our family Christmas photo/card and had my precious delivery boy (my sweet 11 yr old son) hand deliver to each of our wonderful neighbors.
Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy……….it’s what my sister always says. But seriously, you can bust these out in no time. Or, change of the variation of the contents. You can also infuse vinegars as well. Merry Christmas to all!!


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