Fancy French Armoire

Seems like forever since my last posting. Okay, so not exactly forever, but 79 days to be exact. While the bliss of summer is upon us, we have been living and breathing all things AAA tournement baseball as well as JV cheer and tumbling. Wouldn’t have it any other way. In a blink, our 2 kids (out of 5) now left at home will be gone. Gotta soak it all up now.


Amidst the chaos of carpools and practices, I was finally able to complete this fun, highly versitile, and special piece. I instantly fell in love with the wonderful details, which look 10 times better with paint..



I knew for certain that I wanted to create a 2 toned look, but struggled with deciding between the French Grey or French Linen. In the end, the French Grey won. Its classic and timeless.


From the before…….


To the after….. Some things are just that much better with paint.


And the original vintage hardware is stunning. Overall, this gem received 2 coats of DIY chalk paint in a Creamy White and trimmed out with a French Grey. I then tastefully distressed it and applied 2 coats of dark wax.


Tons of storage allows it to be used in so many different ways.


The end result is fabulous. Totally for sale, will be hard to let it go. Stay tuned, as I’m rehabbing a solid pine farmhouse table for my brother and his wife. Until the next post……have a blessed summer..


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