Pallet Wood Sign


So, have you ever completely dropped the ball on a good friends birthday? Probably not, right? Well I did…..and I felt horrible.  Who does that to their dear, sweet friend? Apparently, me…….ugh!

My wonderful neighbor, who also happens to be my eye doctor, is one of my good buddies. She lovingly treated me to a fabulous pedicure on my birthday months ago. All along, I had in my mind this one certain date as her birthday…..except that wasn’t the right date, or even month. OMG!!!! I have issues.

I had been thinking of something special I could create for her. We have similar taste and she loves antiquing, thrifting….etc. So while I was busy ‘creating’ in my mind, I sent her a text to make sure I had the date correct. When she responded with the date, I about fell over. I had missed it by 6 weeks. Seriously? I’m a total loser. I had purchased her an orchid but wanted something handmade to give her.

This is where the pallet sign evolved. I have one of these in my kitchen that I made years ago with our last name and year of marriage, so I decided to do the same for her. I dug through all of our remnant wood and found the best piece I could.


Cleaned and de-bugged it well, sanded it down and coated it with Jacobean stain. Before the stain dried I white washed it with a tiny amount of paint and water. Wiped it well and sanded a bit more until I achieved the look I wanted.


Time to stencil. I literally eyeballed it…..only because I didn’t intend for it to look perfect. But mostly because I’m just not very patient that way.


I used a black paint pen for the bold print of the letters. (I love the Craftsmart brand from Michaels). Then I used a gold paint pen to sort of outline the black letters.


It dries quickly and I was actually able to deliver my friends orchid and DIY pallet sign that afternoon. A VERY belated birthday gift. Never again.



5 thoughts on “Pallet Wood Sign

  1. This looks so good! I want to try this- if I went to a home improvement store, what kind of wood should I ask for? I also love your stencil- I need that!! In my last post I made my own stencils, so ghetto and time consuming lol. Thanks for the post!! πŸ™‚

    • So sweet. Thank you! I had some old pallet remnants that I had used to create a day bed for a friends teenage daughters bedroom. Easier would be to get a cheap piece of scrap wood from Home Depot or Lowes…..(or from a construction site…..the more knots in the wood the better), they have lots of them from cut pieces. My stencils are from Michaels (their app always has a 40% off coupon on it). It’s the Americana brand, 3 inch- simple script alphabet. This truly is a super easy DIY project. Thanks for the kind words. Was cracking up at your ‘ghetto’ comment. Too funny!

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