Favorite Places – Framed Maps


After getting all new windows in the
our house, I didn’t want to reinstall the blinds in our TV room. The new windows are so pretty and bright that I wanted to leave the look ‘clean’ & unobstructed. To that, our TV room windows face our backyard, so we don’t need blinds or drapes for privacy purposes either.

A year ago, I found 4 identical frames on clearance at Target. They were $6/frame and I knew I could use them at some point. (Next to ‘free’, ‘clearance’ is my 2nd favorite word.) So in my cart they went. Pretty black frames with some gold trimmed detail. Simple and elegant.


My sweet hubby and I have taken several fun trips together (without kiddos) over the past 23 years. So I decided it might be fun to highlight 4 places in particular and frame a printed map of those locations. (My husband is a HUGE map enthusiast and he LOVES any Atlas he can get his hands on.)  The four locations I chose were…Paris, NYC, Seattle, and San Francisco/Monterey Bay.


(Upper – NYC, Lower – Paris )


(Upper – Seattle, lower – California coast)



This decor was super inexpensive. I scoured the Internet for free printables of different maps/locations and I was actually able to print 2 of the 4 for free. (Can’t remember which 2). The other two I purchased on ETSY (printable download) for $2 & $3 each.

I really love the final look. Helps to finish off the wall of windows with a nice unified appearance.



Easy and super affordable framed art.


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