Gallery Wall (Love, Memories and Makeshift Art)

I am a huge fan of gallery walls but they always seem a bit intimidating. I have this wall in particular that runs along the staircase. And, it’s SUPER tall, almost 19 feet to be exact. I have always had 2 white picture ledges (Pottery Barn) staggered on the wall and a few photos here and there, but something was missing.

I adore rustic and dimensional elements of decorating. I also enjoy a mixture of photos; black and white/sepia, color, and I have several old family pictures that date back almost a century.

Time to change the look….I left the ledges, took down all the photos, made a few things to add to it, and completely started over.


I wish I had thought to take a photo at the beginning….totally dropped the ball.
The things I made are simple, non photo, type items. Like this ‘5’ on the small wooden plank board. We have 5 children, so it seems like a good number to choose. (Secretly, I wish it said 6 or 7…as I would’ve loved to have more babies.)


The board & cardboard number are both from Hobby Lobby. I painted the number gold and used Gorilla Glue to adhere it on the board. FYI, Gorilla Glue is THE BOMB….I’m  just sayin’.

Next, was this framed out script. I actually used and old picture that I no longer cared for, but I did like the frame. So I used a gold paint pen to outline some of the molding and I used Mod Podge to adhere the decorative paper directly onto the ugly picture hiding underneath. Buh-Bye little ugly picture.


Last, was my remnant wood fence board creation. Using a piece of wood on hand, a stencil that I already have and some basic white paint, I was able to create this easy rustic looking board. It depicts our wedding anniversary, so that’s very special. And that’s about it.


I’m not sure as to what else I might add to the wall, if anything at all. For now, I will just let it be and enjoy the special faces I see in each picture.





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