Mini Paper Christmas Tree


Christmas is literally right around the corner. I know what you’re thinking….didn’t we just do that whole Christmas thing? Atleast that’s what I’m thinking. We have friends coming from out of state for Thanksgiving week. So I decided to get my Christmas on a wee bit early this year. It has been difficult taking down all of the Harvest/Fall/Halloween decor, only because I feel like I just got all of that out. Makes me tired just thinking about it. So…Christmas, here we come.

After dragging countless bins out my workshop/storage room, I got a burst of Christmas joy. This was a blessing because honestly, I wasn’t initially feeling joyful about it all. It also gave me an opportunity to clean out the bins and donate many Christmas decor items I no longer use. So it’s a win win!

With the snow bringing itself to a full on blizzard status in the greater Denver area yesterday, I was able to create a little something new. And I may need to make a second and third one for a little grouping of paper trees.

Want a super easy, free, DIY book pages tree?


I purchase lots of old antique books from Goodwill, thrift stores…etc. I had one book in particular that was 1/2 used (meaning, I ripped ths pages out some time ago for a different project). If you are a librarian or a tree hugger, please forgive me. I’m simply giving the book new life by repurposing the pages. I used a piece of cardboard to create my cone shape.


I hot glued it into place and it worked famously. You could always purchase a Styrofoam cone from the craft store, but I was going for the free version. I then ripped pages of the book into strips, curled the edges with a pencil and starting at the base of my cone, I hot glued each piece on. Working my way up to the top of the cone and later filling in areas randomly with smaller pieces of paper.





Sitting pretty just inside the front door. This would also be cute using sheet music. I have an old book of that too, but the print is too large for this little tree. Possibilities are endless. You could use news paper, craft paper, wrapping paper….so simple.

FYI, the watercolor Christmas print inside my type writer at the beginning of this post is a free printable courtesy of
Her site is lovely. Have a blessed and warm week.


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