Faux French Grain Sack


I adore french grain sacks and feed sacks…..just not the price. They can be seriously costly.
Having just reupholstered our sitting chair with drop cloths, I have quite a bit of previously laundered drop cloth material left over. This makes the perfect alternative to the ever so expensive french grain sack. Using some inexpensive craft paint (Martha Stewart – Wild Blueberry), a small paint brush and some painters tape, I created the stripes on the piece of fabric.



I decided to just do 2 thin stripes on this, but I wanted them spaced a little wider than the width of the tape . So I marked the center of the fabric and put 2 strips of tape side by side directly down the center. Then, using 2 other pieces of tape, I eyeballed a thin stripe outside of the center tape and placed it accordingly. Smoothing and pressing all.of the tape firmly into place. Then, I slapped on the paint….I wasn’t going for perfectly bold, as I wanted the stripes to look a little worn. Waiting only a couple of minutes, I then removed the tape.


Worked like a charm. I anticipated recovering a stool that sits in my kitchen. The zebra print is cute, but I was ready for a change.


I took the stool apart to recover it. Because you could vaguely still see the zebra print under the drop cloth, I used a 2nd remnant piece of drop cloth under the one I painted. Using an electric staple gun, I quickly attached the new look of my ‘faux French grain sack’ onto the stool. Reattached the frame and waa-laa! Easy update and fun transformation.


I have lots of plans for some grain sack throw pillows using the remaining drop cloth. The stripes, colors are endless.


3 thoughts on “Faux French Grain Sack

  1. Hi Crissa! A year plus ago we were blessed enough to have you redo a desk, and then our bedroom set for us. I couldn’t find your contact info again though so I stalked you here. 😉 I have a small piece I would love to hire you to match, if you still do work for others? It’s tiny enough to fit in our car. Can you let me know if you’re still for hire?? You are the very best. Thank you! Donna Mazur

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