Wood Plank Farmhouse Hall Table


I just finished up this cute little table for my wonderful sister in-law. This is the 3rd piece that I have recreated for her. (Praise God she has a little faith in me, such a bonus). She scored this fun table from a neighbor at a sweet price….FREE! Hello lovey!

Last year, I rehabbed this table for them (my awesome bro’ and sister in-law) to  use in their newly gutted and completely redone, outstanding kitchen.


Isn’t it yummy? So stunning in their space. Well, they loved the end result on that jewel so much that they asked me to recreate their ‘free’ find with the same finish, so I did. And here’s where the little scalloped table began.


A little rejected, abused and forgotten about. Her inner beauty was waiting to shine. Piles of cleaning or waxing residue and several stains adorned the top, so I stripped down to the bare wood. It was interesting to see the various grains, knots, worm holes and different planks that were used under the initial ‘orangey’ colored stain. All which added to the character.


The table has great bones, a fun scalloped edge and it’s solid wood. I like to apply a sanding sealer to help the stain out a bit. Its clear and doesn’t need long to dry. After that, I applied 2 coats of Mixwax Jacobean stain. Allowing each coat to dry several hours in between. Then I used Minwax wipe on poly in satin. I did 2 coats and allowed each to dry several hours.


Then it was onto the painting the body of the table. I gave it a good cleaning and a solid once over with some sand paper. Cleaned it again and applied 2 coats of DIY chalk paint in a creamy white (Polished Peal -Behr).


The next day, I went over the edges lovingly with some sandpaper. I like distressing, but I usually feel like a little goes a long way. So I don’t go cra-cra with that process. I’m usually looking for that natural wear and tear look.


After distressing, it received a good coat of dark wax (Minwax Finishing Paste in dark…..I order this on Amazon only because Home Depot doesn’t carry it.)


You’re probably wondering where the hardware went? Let’s just say that it didn’t lend itself to the new and improved look of the table. So my sister in-law is purchasing new handles. (She’s brilliant). I LOVE the look of this table. So fun, charming and versatile.



Thank you Ann, for allowing me to recreate another fun piece for you.


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