Serpentine front Buffet

Our kiddos just started school and I feel like I am still playing ‘catch up’ on so many different projects. We traveled as a family to Grand Cayman for vacation and literally arrived home just before school began. It was a great recharge for all of us and the snorkeling there is like no other.  Back in the real world, and the kids are going many directions. The house is a bit too quiet now and it’s a sad reminder for me as to just how quickly this time goes.  We have 2 very grown children, already out of the house, a senior in college, a junior in high school and an 8th grader. But I’ve been here before……you blink and it feels like it’s over. My sentimental message….cherish every minute. 

Moving on, after getting my ducks in a row around the house, laundry going, school supplies purchased, I was finally able to get started on this gem.  Beautiful lines on the piece, with its gentle serpentine front, but the finish and sad floral motif left a lot to be desired. Here’s where she started. 

I knew with a little effort she would be shining in no time. So I got busy, cleaning, sanding, cleaning….maybe a bit  more sanding and cleaned it well with a tack cloth…..UGH!!!! The veneer on the top was looking a bit temperamental so I could not sand the floral too much. On goes the paint. I thought a bright, creamy Alabaster White would look smart and refreshing. So I gave it 2 coats of DIY chalk paint (3 on the top). Then some light distressing just on the edges to enhance the authentic scrapes and marks that are obviously on the original wood. On top of that went a good solid coat of dark wax for protection. 

I resuscitate the original hardware with some antique gold Rubb n’ Buff …’s the bomb. And hardware looks magnificent. 

She is waiting patiently for someone to purchase her. Wish a had a spare wall in my own home that she could reside. Elegantly farm, french chic.


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