IKEA & Target Hacks for a Teen Boys Bedroom

This transformation has certainly been a work in progress. I have a few more finishing touches to add, but wanted to share this easy, budget friendly DIY hack. It all began with the small rolling cube/coffee table pictured above. This entire IKEA loft bed and cube were formerly in our daughters room. She got the bug (like her momma) to make a huge design change in her room and we ran with it. (That post and pics to come later). So in an effort to recycle those bedroom pieces, our 14 yr old son said that he would love this set up in his room. Done and done! You can read the post re: the pallet couch/day bed at this link. https://crissaclark.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/pallet-couchdaybed-for-under-a-lofted-bed/.

This room used to be our teen daughters room and it was painted 2 bright colors.  Knowing that I was looking to take my sons room design in sort of a rustic direction, I primed and painted the walls (cutting in carefully around the map) my favorite white, Alabaster. The map mural was already on the wall in this room and I felt like it would be a fun design element to just keep it where it was. (That and the fact that it is literally glued to the wall with wallpaper paste……um, yep….its staying). Working with what we had, furniture wise, I decided it would be cool to have my hubby cut some wood pieces for me so I could basically wrap the white IKEA ‘Kallax’ piece with some rustic, stained wood. Handy hubby willingly agreed. He got busy cutting and I got busy giving the wood a quick sanding to remove any splinters. I mixed 2 stains together to create the desired color, applied and let the wood dry well. My husband started with some pilot holes to prevent splitting and used wood screws to attach each piece.

I decided to match this effect with a multi-storage/cube unit for a flat screen tv and miscellaneous storage. I intended on heading back to IKEA to purchase a 6 cube unit, until I saw the same exact thing at Target and they had all of their storage pieces discounted by 20%……Zippadeedoda. Much cheaper, and a bit closer to home. So I assembled it, had my husband cut more wood and I recreated that piece the same way we had the single cube.

I wanted to add some rustic mounted lights beneath the loft bed. I had decided on the HEKTAR clamp lights ($14.99 each) from IKEA. While I was there I saw some plain wooden shelf brackets (they are the EKBY VALTER brackets, $4 each). I literally played with those 2 things in the lighting section of IKEA to see if I could clamp the light onto the bracket and mount the bracket onto the wall. And so I did. After staining the wood brackets, I mounted them to the wall and attached the lights. I had my husband help me to staple the cord of each light down the base of the wooden bracket and onto the loft bed, ultimately hiding each cord. These provide great spotlight for reading and whatnot while on the couch, beneath the bed. They turn, angle and swivel and each has its own switch at the top of the cord. LOVE them!

So close to being completely finished and our son is loving the hang out space in his room as well.