Antique looking Balance Scale (Fixer Upper vs. Decor Steals)

Can you tell the difference? I’m not sure that there is one. 

I love vintage scales. I only have a couple of them but anytime I spot one I think my heart skips a beat. I first saw this scale on Fixer Upper. (My ALL TIME favorite show on HGTV…..along with a bazillion other addicts like myself). I don’t know how many reruns of episodes I’ve watched. I may have an official problem. But seriously, are both Chip and Joanna not just so incredibly talented? Their creativity is spot on EVERY single time. 

Anyway, I’ve purchased from the Magnolia Market website. I’d truly like one of every item. I first fell in love with the Dutch tulip crates. So I ordered one when it was on sale.  And I will say that was an awesome purchase. I think it arrived at my house within a few days. It made me want to do cart wheels. It’s been on my coffee table ever since. But that balance scale was calling my name….albeit a little pricey. It’s charming, super versatile……..And recently discontinued. What???? So sad. 

I think it was a God thing because recently I received my daily email from and guess what was the steal of the day…….?

And for half the price of the other one. Shazaam! Now this scale did take over 2 weeks to arrive, but worth the weight (hee hee, wait). I did not realize that it does not ‘actually’ balance. Which ended up being a bonus. Doesn’t matter if one item is heavier on one side that the other, as it’s perfectly balanced all the time.

It’s interesting and a super decor item. 

Love love love!

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