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Married the love of my life, and best friend, 25 years ago. We have 5 kids (only 1 left at home). I am passionate about family, friends and good healthy food. I have an affinity for all things related to home decor and design. I love mixing weathered pieces with things brand new. My style might be described as that of Modern Farmhouse with a Boho Mid Century flair. Repurposing, rehabbing and recreating outdated and unloved furniture pieces and home decor items is one of my favorite past times. Join me on this journey as I paint, decorate, and custom create a variety of things. Thanks for visiting.


10 thoughts on “About me…..

  1. Hi Crissa! I bought a gorgeous gray provincial dresser from you years ago and it still my favorite piece in our home. I’m now checking out your blog trying to glean some tips before refinishing some of my own projects. I love all your work!

    • Hi Alex, So good to hear from you. If memory serves me correctly, you purchased a serpentine front buffet from me and you were pregnant with a baby? Unless I am thinking of a different Alex? If so, please forgive me. I have not posted anything in quite some time. Had to take a bit of a break as we just relocated back to Florida. Literally, moved into our new home yesterday. Lots and lots to do. Hope you are doing well and I’d be happy to give you any tips you might need re: furniture rehab. Take good care. Always, Crissa

      • Hi Crissa! Sorry for such a late reply! We’ve had a crazy summer! Yes, your memory is correct… that was the dresser I bought from you before having our first baby boy. We’ve since had two more babies (little girls!) and moved to Oregon. Our kids are now 4, 2, and 8 months. Now that my baby is sleeping a bit more regularly and I know I won’t be getting pregnant again, I am now in the place where I’d like to properly learn how to refurbish furniture. There are several pieces in my garage and in our home that need some attention! I’ve done quite a bit of refurbishing over the years – both for me and also some projects for profit, but I still feel like an amateur and have never made the time to sit down and properly learn! Out of all the pieces I’ve purchased over the years, your gorgeous gray serpentine dresser has held up like no other and still looks brand new! So I thought I’d turn to you for some basic tips! Could we dialogue over email or text about the products you use (sandpaper, primer, favorite neutral paint colors — grays, whites, black, poly finish, and any waxes you love)? I know you said you moved recently and I imagine you are very busy, so I totally understand if your time is limited!! Thanks so much!! My cell is 720-737-9326. God Bless!

      • Hi again Crissa! I’m perusing your site again for painting tips! So useful… and I’m taking good notes! I see that you use a lot of DIY chalk paint. Do you prefer this over Behr? What’s the advantage to using chalk paint over Behr Ultra for example? Am I correct that wax can only be used with chalk paint, and that if I use Behr I should use a glaze for a similar effect, and then seal with a wipe-on poly? Thanks so much!

      • Alex, Please forgive my absent mindedness. I had EVERY intention of responding to your questions and then life got away from me. Have been so super busy creating my desired ‘look’ in my new home and I haven’t posted anything in about a year. I will have a lot of catching up to do.I have zero excuse for not responding sooner. So sorry. Soooo, I have used both DIY chalk paint and standard latex paint. Behr is my ‘go to’ paint of choice. I used to be a Valspar girl but then when we moved to Colorado, I didn’t have a Lowes near me. Now, back in Florida, I have both HD and Lowes, but HD is still a bit closer and I have painted my last 2 homes all in Behr…its a great product. Moving on. Wax can be used on both chalk paint and latex paint. Wax will not give as much durability in my experience. However, it does provide that nice hand rubbed look if your going for distressed/shabby chic appeal. But wax also needs to be reapplied if you’re using it on an active surface (table top, dresser top, nightstand…etc.) I also love using a matte wipe on poly. Sort of the same effect, MUCH more durable. If you’re wanting to forgo all of the ‘bicep blasting buffing’ required to do a dark wax for antiquing effect and clear wax to seal, glaze and then poly is another great effect. Keep in mind, you can mix a small amount of dark paint with a touch of glazing medium and create your own custom glaze colors. Glaze lasts forever, invest in a very small can. I have also antiqued distressed pieces with wood stain. Not quite as forgiving and workable as glaze. I would apply touches of wood stain where i wanted to antique and work it a bit with a rag and tiny bit of clear wax. Clear wax helps to remove any excess unwanted stain. Hope this has helped. I promise not to take so long to respond in the future. Hope all is well. Crissa

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