Teen Bedroom Tweek, Goes Bohemian Chic

Several years ago I shared a post re: our daughters bedroom. She had a fun loft bed and my hubby and I built a pallet day bed/couch/lounge area to sit underneath it. This was her set up. Great for friends, hanging out and she loved it. (Please ignore the unmade bed up top).

This combination is still getting pinned on Pinterest daily. I only know, because I receive the notice on my phone…..and to date its been pinned 9.5 k. Which is a bit hysterical. It’s fun to watch that number continually increase. Guess I’m not the only Pinterest addict.

About 8 months ago our daughter decided it was time for a change. She, and her taste, have certainly grown and evolved. She is weeks away from 17 now and she is a total Boho, beachy, wanderlust, creative girl. It all started with shiplap. My husband and I had put it on a focal wall in our master and on another wall downstairs in our library/music room. She knew instantly that she wanted some shiplap in her room. Our youngest son, now 14, was dying for her setup in his room and that worked out grand. So we were recreating 2 rooms at once. Here’s his set up that I posted a few weeks ago. 

I have to confess, that the pictures taken while recreating my daughters room are, for now, unavailable. Destroyed my phone in a skiing accident and got a new phone. But I have soooo many photos to still retrieve off of the crushed phone. So these pics aren’t really before and afters, they are all afters. LOL

Because we have a walk out basement, our daughters room is actually 3 stories up from the backyard. She has a sweet deck w/French doors off of her bedroom. (Every teen girl should have this off of their room). Her views of the mountains and downtown Denver are epic. In fact, she has the best views in the house. We watch about 30+ different sets of fireworks from her deck every 4th of July. We applied the shiplap to the rear wall. It’s such a fun element.

Everything we created and purchased was a total bargain. Mirror above her bed went to an old buffet that I rehabbed for a client and she did not want the mirror, so I stripped the old wood stain down and hung it above her bed. The faux tapestry is a throw rug from TARGET (we couldn’t find one she really liked). I stained a wooden dowel, drilled holes through it and attached the rope. 

Cute little side table was a clearance find from TARGET several years ago…it was sitting in my master, so I stole it from myself. Looks perfect in here. And the other fun round gold table was an awesome TARGET clearance score that someone had ordered online and returned to the store. Our daughter sits in this little chair constantly, journaling, looking at many travel and photography books or playing her Ukulele. 

Her headboard is from our old guest bedroom. It is a cheap ‘pleather’ headboard. That just wasn’t going to cut the mustard in this room. So I purchased the grey linen fabric from IKEA and reupholstered the headboard. Nailhead trim I already had from reupholstering our TV room sitting chair.

We already had the desk from IKEA and the TV stand. I added decorative corner pieces to the desk from Home Depot, just to dress it up a little. The upper shelves are wood pieces, cut and stained by myself, mounted to brackets and hung on the wall for storage. The bedside light and the clamp light at her desk are both from IKEA. I LOVE these lights. I have 3 of the black ones in my TV room area.

And we did the same type of single shelf over her TV stand for her flatscreen to be mounted higher on the wall. As you can see, we still need to cover the wires.

And there you have it. A teen bedroom tweek, gone Boho chic.

IKEA & Target Hacks for a Teen Boys Bedroom

This transformation has certainly been a work in progress. I have a few more finishing touches to add, but wanted to share this easy, budget friendly DIY hack. It all began with the small rolling cube/coffee table pictured above. This entire IKEA loft bed and cube were formerly in our daughters room. She got the bug (like her momma) to make a huge design change in her room and we ran with it. (That post and pics to come later). So in an effort to recycle those bedroom pieces, our 14 yr old son said that he would love this set up in his room. Done and done! You can read the post re: the pallet couch/day bed at this link. https://crissaclark.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/pallet-couchdaybed-for-under-a-lofted-bed/.

This room used to be our teen daughters room and it was painted 2 bright colors.  Knowing that I was looking to take my sons room design in sort of a rustic direction, I primed and painted the walls (cutting in carefully around the map) my favorite white, Alabaster. The map mural was already on the wall in this room and I felt like it would be a fun design element to just keep it where it was. (That and the fact that it is literally glued to the wall with wallpaper paste……um, yep….its staying). Working with what we had, furniture wise, I decided it would be cool to have my hubby cut some wood pieces for me so I could basically wrap the white IKEA ‘Kallax’ piece with some rustic, stained wood. Handy hubby willingly agreed. He got busy cutting and I got busy giving the wood a quick sanding to remove any splinters. I mixed 2 stains together to create the desired color, applied and let the wood dry well. My husband started with some pilot holes to prevent splitting and used wood screws to attach each piece.

I decided to match this effect with a multi-storage/cube unit for a flat screen tv and miscellaneous storage. I intended on heading back to IKEA to purchase a 6 cube unit, until I saw the same exact thing at Target and they had all of their storage pieces discounted by 20%……Zippadeedoda. Much cheaper, and a bit closer to home. So I assembled it, had my husband cut more wood and I recreated that piece the same way we had the single cube.

I wanted to add some rustic mounted lights beneath the loft bed. I had decided on the HEKTAR clamp lights ($14.99 each) from IKEA. While I was there I saw some plain wooden shelf brackets (they are the EKBY VALTER brackets, $4 each). I literally played with those 2 things in the lighting section of IKEA to see if I could clamp the light onto the bracket and mount the bracket onto the wall. And so I did. After staining the wood brackets, I mounted them to the wall and attached the lights. I had my husband help me to staple the cord of each light down the base of the wooden bracket and onto the loft bed, ultimately hiding each cord. These provide great spotlight for reading and whatnot while on the couch, beneath the bed. They turn, angle and swivel and each has its own switch at the top of the cord. LOVE them!

So close to being completely finished and our son is loving the hang out space in his room as well. 

For the Love of Shiplap


I have never been a fan of wood paneling on walls. I’m talking about Brady Bunch esq’, 1970’s, brown, thin, laminate type paneling???  No thank you. However, solid pine, tongue and groove, white, shiplap type paneling….makes my heart skip a beat.

If you’re  a lover of all things Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines (like me), then you understand the type of Shiplap I am referring to. I’ve been dying to add some to the focal wall in our bedroom. So a few weeks ago, my awesome and handy hubby helped me to make that a reality.

We simulated the look of shiplap but did not use traditional shiplap. Rather, we purchased solid pine, tongue and groove boards from Home Depot that measured 6 inches wide by 8-10 feet long. And mainly because they gave the same effect at a reduced cost (approx $2.50 less per board than regular shiplap).

My husband is a step away from Bob Villa and has just about every tool we might need for any home improvement project big or small. What a guy.

Measured amt. Of shiplap material
Measured amt. Of quarter round trim
Air compressor
Nail gun (w/long enough nails)
Tape measure
Chalk line tool
Stud finder
Caulk and spackle
Primer (Bulls Eye 123)
Paint (SW Alabaster white)

We began by locating the wall studs and marking them with a pencil. This way we know where to use the nail gun. You could go an extra step, as we have read, and use some liquid nails as well….but truly that seemed like over kill to us. Normally, you would begin this process from the floor up. We did it in reverse,  guess that’s just how we roll. But seriously, we did that because we found out by way of doing crown molding in our bedroom that our ceilings are not exactly level. So, knowing that the crown is absolutely level, we wanted to start where we knew things would look right. I’d rather have a small gap or an issue at the floor (preferably behind the bed) than up at the ceiling where I will stare at it constantly. Make sense?


After we lined up the first boards, things moved along pretty smoothly. With each new row we measured the board, cut them to size and staggered the seams, sort of randomly really. (Have I mentioned how MUCH I love to use the nail gun? OMG…its addicting). We weren’t going for a specific pattern. And some of the wood has knots and imperfections which I feel just adds to the rustic charm.


When we got to the bottom near the baseboards there was only a small gap on one side of the room. We knew this would be the case because of the issues that we had when we first hung our crown molding. I filled it in with extra caulk and no one will ever know except us. Then my husband measured and cut the quarter round trim pieces to add in the corners of the wall.


Moving right along with all of your supplies on hand, one could probably finish the wall within a few hours. It took us a couple of days because my husband was leaving town on business. And then of course, I had to paint everything.


This is how it look before priming and painting. It’s lovely if you’re going for that blue Pine, very rustic look. I knew from the beginning I wanted mine White. And I love the end result.


Now, I’d like a new bed frame. I’ve been on the hunt for something a little less ornate and probably upholstered. We shall see. Until then, I’m loving the wall and I’d like to do a few more walls in the house.

Paper Mache Deer Head Decor

I was on the ‘hunt’ for a good deal. While scoping things out in Hobby Lobby, I came across this fun deer head decor. It was the last one on the shelf. A single shot landed him right in my cart.

But seriously, I have been wanting a faux stag head mount for some time. I actually scored this for about $15 using a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby. Its been sitting in my workshop for many months. I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to paint it or where I wanted to put it.

I decided to paint the head a basic white and I used a gold paint pen to make the antlers gold.




I have seen these framed and/or mounted clean onto the wall. Felt like it need another dimension to it. So I created a wood backing, using remnant fence wood that we have stacked up in the back yard.


I actually used my ever favorite Gorilla Glue to glue the back pieces together side by side. I let that dry really well for a couple of days. Then I cut 2 other pieces to line both outer sides (covering the uneven edges of the back pieces) and I screwed those onto the boards. This made it even more stable.


You can see the uneven pieces here on the back. Then I eyeballed where I wanted the deer head to sit on the backdrop, loaded it up with Gorilla Glue and stuck it on.



I let this dry well overnight. Today, I created a wire hanger for the back and decided on a location for the deer to hang.


And here is where he landed…..up above my front door.




Whimsical funky chic….totally my style.

DIY – Framed Canvas with Scripture


My kiddos just went back to school…boo -hoo…it’s entirely too quiet here now. I miss them already.

I have had some projects on my mind all summer, so today I got busy on one in particular. Some time ago I picked up 2 larger wrapped canvas (on sale of course) and stuck them in my work shop. These are 16 × 20.

I decided I wanted the backdrop of the canvas really dark, so I painted on 2 coats of Behr, Stealth Jet (it’s a copy cat/similar shade to AS Graphite). I love the depth of the charcoal grey within the black. So it’s not a stark jet black.


Initially, I did not intend to frame it out, but I wanted the added dimension. I remembered seeing some small left over trim pieces that my hubby had in the garage. The width of the trim happen to be ‘spot on’ for the edges of the canvas. After some measuring and a handy saw, I made my cuts as needed. And no, they are not miter cut. I’m just not that skilled really. I stained the wood strips with Minwax Special Walnut, let them dry while I munched on some lunch and then attached them to the canvas. Sooo super easy, I promise.



Using a very small drill bit, I made a pilot hole for the small wood screws that I put in. No measuring here, I just eyeballed it. I was not going for perfection…..rather, instant gratification.

I love sweet quotes and good scripture. I played around on paper for a bit with how I wanted the placement of the words. I used stencils for the bold print and freehanded  the other words.


Using a pencil to trace and a ruler for even spacing, I traced the bold print. After that, I used everyday creamy white latex paint and a small brush to paint those letters.


A steady hand is key. Probably best not to do this while jacked up on caffeine.  The gold cursive letters were done with a Craft Smart gold paint pen. I used a pencil to write it out first and then went over it with the paint pen.





Very pleased with how it turns out. And the scrpiture….it’s from Micah 6:8. I may add that to the bottom, as well as possibly distress it. I’ll look at it for a bit a then decide. I do love the rustic element of framing around it. I will totally do that again.

Vintage Chicken Coop Table


A client of mine left this old chicken coop with me when she picked up her french farmhouse coffee table that I rehabbed for her. This was a ‘found’ object on her farm….what a bonus. Forever,  I have been wanting to get my hands on an old coop. My clients only request to me, “Have fun & do whatever you want to it”…..alrighty then.

This is where it began…..dirty,  wood peeling/warped and in need of a little tweeking.


First things first,  a super good cleaning and a ton of sanding. This wood is super rough. I knew that she wanted to use it as some sort of table. Typically,  you will see these re purposed into coffee tables. …but I had just completed her coffee table and she wanted this to be more of a buffet/against the wall type of table.



The solid wood backing was very split and peeling. So I took a chance and got busy peeling the entire first layer off. Hello SPLINTERS!!! After another good sanding and cleaning,  I decided on a creamy white (DIY) chalk paint. Handy hubby added a strip of wood to each end of what would be the bottom, so that I could attach some large locking casters to it. I LOVE caster wheels….they are just totally cool & practical.


3 coats paint, inside and out, and then a bit of distressing was in order. I didn’t go bazurk. …just enough to age it a bit. After that was completely cleaned up, I brushed on a good coat of dark wax. (Minwax makes an awesome finishing paste wax….super reasonable too.  I order mine from Amazon here). A fraction of the cost of all the popular boutique brands.  I finished it off with a piece of pre-cut glass from Home Depot and a decorative knob that I picked up from Hobby Lobby.






Overall, just a fun, funky and unexpected piece.

Chicken Wire Cloche

So, I love cloches. I have multiple glass ones, big and small. And I am always on the lookout for more when perusing through antique stores or thrift shops.

I have seen many of variations of chicken wire cloches, so I decided to give it a shot.

I started with a roll of chicken wire, super cheap and available at any home improvement store, a can of Rustoleum’s ‘Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, needle nose pliers, scissors & burlap ribbon. Gloves should really be on the list, since chicken wire is sharp……. But I’m an ‘instant gratification’ kind of gal when it comes to crafty things, so I powered through…. (“Ain’t nobody got time for that”).

I began by rolling out the chicken wire, this stuff is stiff. I decided on a diameter/width and cut the wire just a hair larger, and ended up with a tall dome…..which looked like so. The tedious part begins. To thoroughly connect the cylinder together, I used the pliers to loop and wrap the wire at every little opened section. I wanted it to look as uniform as possible. Chicken wire bends easily, so that’s a plus.

Then I decided on a height and cut my tall cylinder a little bit over 1/2 way up, as I need material to bend and twist and join together to create the domed top portion of the cloche. (I neglected to snap a picture at this stage, sorry).

I took it outside and gave it a good shot of spray paint, let that dry, and then hit it again to fill in any missed areas. I only painted it because I did not want the cloche to be silver. And I love ‘Oil Rubbed Bronze’.
When that was complete, I brought it back in and filled it with some previously made grass covered styrofoam balls and small white roses. You could use any sort of knob, decorative cork/bottle stop or finial at the top……I didn’t happen to have one on hand. So I tied some burlap ribbon to the top and added a small cardboard note w/a mini clothes pin. Anyone can do this, super simple (and cheap) DIY. And the results………





DIY Remnant Wood Crate

So, yesterday I posted about staining/creating a center piece out of a store bought, pre made crate. Well, I liked it so much that today I decided to borrow some of my handy hubby’s tools and attempt to build my own. I have watched my husband create many things out of wood, so my thinking was……how hard can it be? I know you need to make pilot holes for the wood screws and while I will not attempt to use his skill saw or table saw (without him here to coach me), I figured I could just use a traditional saw to cut some of the wood to size. Luckily, the remnant wood I used is from an old low fence that was in part of our yard when we bought this house. My husband tore down the fence long ago and we stacked and saved the wood.


The bonus was having many like sized pieces to choose from. So, I only had to make 2 cuts for the end pieces. Clearly, I am not a professional at construction. I’m all about ‘guesstimating’ lengths and eyeballing the cut. If my husband were here, it would have been incredibly precise. That’s just how he rolls. For this crate however, the crude and rustic look is totally me. Cost for this shabby chic and rustic gem……..FREE!!! My favorite word. Now, where to put it and what to place inside of it…….maybe I’ll stain it???? Not sure yet! Ladies, you can sooooo do this. Start to finish it took me 30 minutes.


For now, this is where the crate will live.



Skateboard Shelving

Several years ago, I painted and sort of, recreated a theme in our youngest sons room. He loves ‘board sports’; skateboards, snow boards, scooter/rip-sticks…..etc. I decided that it would be fun to create some shelving out of skateboards. So, we purchased a couple of skateboards for about $9 a piece from Wal-mart and some brackets from Home Depot. My husband attached the brackets and then mounted them on the walls for some books and things. Super cheap, colorful and easy DIY. Sadly, the coloring in the photos is not the best…..sorry!




Hanging wall mural is from PB Teen online, wall decals are from Target, and the old vintage lockers were a craigslist find years ago. They were purchased for use in our laundry room until handy hubby and I built a large mud room wall/cubby/storage unit. So I spray painted he lockers blue and moved them into our sons room. Works perfectly in his room. Slalom ski was an antique store find and the old snow board above the closet was given to our son by my brother. Always adding a little something.




The Big ‘Frame Up’ for Our Flat Screen

For years we have wanted to frame out the flat screen in our main family/tv room. We had a friend, and licensed contractor, frame out our 55 inch flat screen in our basement. We have always loved this finished look.

Lately, my most amazing and handy hubby has been busting a move with all of his tools. I’ve put him to work on a few simple things and he decided it was time to tackle not only our master bedroom flat screen, but also the big one in our family room.

Because the center of our ‘built in’ (where we had the tv sitting) is hollow….. No studs behind the wall, my husband built a wood frame with 2 x4’s so that we could mount the tv in the center of that area.

We knew that we needed very large trim to create the frame, as we wanted to cover the entire hole. So we ended up purchasing 5 13/16 inch, pre primed trim that is actually ‘macked out’ baseboard trim. My husband miter cut the corners beautifully to create the frame and hung it up like you would a picture.

End result………..FAB U LOUSSSSS!!!!!!

This is how it use to look……

Here is the tv mounted to the wood framing……


Here is the amazing frame in place. All I need to do is paint it. LOVE IT! Below is the one in the master.