Massive Shelving Built-ins…….Always Tricky

Our tv room has these large built – in’s on both sides of the fire place. love the thick ‘macked out’ mantel, but the lower shelving is super large…….meaning, the depth and height of them is Gi-normous (I know that’s not really a word, but it fits). The former owners had there tv situated in one of the lower spaces, and a piece of artwork above the fireplace. Because of this, there are several electrical and cable outlets just hangin’ out in these big ole’ areas. Well, we are all about the flat screen above the fireplace…….that’s just how we roll. So I have had to get really creative with the accessories that I am using to decorate those spaces, in an attempt to conceal the outlets. 2 wks ago, my sweet hubby took me antiquing in several quaint stores in downtown Littleton. I ended up finding the greatest (but hideous, green painted) old tool box……it’s massive. It has the original interior cubbies for tools and a perfectly rusted metal rod across the top for the handle. The bonus, it was all of $18. SOLD!!!!!!! I had a vision, because the wood was thin, and sort of caving in… husband cut some remnant wood to insert into the very center of it to recreate it’s rectangle shape. Then i sanded it down to erase the nasty bright green. Then I started playing with colors and stain, greys, light blues and some stain, then more sanding, some glaze………and waa-laa! It was ready for its place on the shelf. I threw a bunch of flowers in it and its housing some decorating books. Very Junk Chic.